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Catherine Hogarth was a British Slayer active in London in 1843.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Catherine lived in the poor East End of London with her family, consisted of her parents and three younger brothers. She was called as the Slayer upon the death of Marie Siegner, with Charlton Muzzlewit assigned as her Watcher.

Charlton looked down upon his charge and was embarrassed to have the fifteen-years-old as a Slayer, believing her poor social background muddied the mantle of the Chosen One. He also hoped at times for her demise so the power could pass to a "proper" British girl, one the Council could be proud of. He was known to even be physically abusive towards her if she botched a kill. Catherine would pray at night asking for some divine punishment to fall upon the Watcher, who she described as a "stuffy old used-up spinster-bloke from the West End".

One night, Charlton was visited by the spirits of three Slayers to teach him the error of his ways. After the Slayer Buffy Summers shared with him visions of the future, the Watcher ran to Catherine's home to beg for her forgiveness, declaring he was grateful to be paired with her "instead of someone far, far worse."[1]

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Preceded by:
Marie Siegner
The Slayer
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Unknown, eventually unidentified
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