Our society affords womem few freedoms except the ability to learn all she can and speak all she may get away with. I'd be foolish to neglect such small options

Catherine was a British vampire who lived in Somersetshire in 1813. She preyed on rich, young men whom she approached during balls and similar social gatherings. She had a sister that was unaware of her vampire status.


The terrace. Off-limits to an unmarried lady and gentleman during a ball. You claim that you chafe for freedom. How much do you want it?
―Edward/Elizabeth Weston[src]

During a ball at a manor in Somersetshire, Catherine approached Elizabeth Weston, the Slayer, whom she believed to be man, Edward, as she used this guise due to the limitations to women during the Victorian era. "Edward" dared Catherine to join him in the manor's terrace, a place off-limits for unmarried people in such events. After the two left, Catherine attacked the Slayer, only to be instantly staked.


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