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Poems. Always a sign of pretentious inner turmoil.
Alexander Harris[src]

Cassie's Poetry and Paintings was Cassandra Newton's personal website, under the address www.cassienewton.com.


Cassie maintained an online diary in which she uploaded her drawings, paintings, and poetry. Looking her up on Google, Willow Rosenberg found the website. As they read the poems thematic on death, the Scooby Gang wrongly believe that Cassie considered suicide, when in truth her precognition abilities let her know she would soon die.[1]


A list of poems were available at the website, such as "Pretty Monday", "People fall in love", "Sitting in te diner on 3rd", "Waiting for my Prom Date", "My Pulse", "I am a Pale Fish", "I am the Statue of Liberty", and "They're right". The Scooby Gang read the following:

I am a Pale Fish[]

I am a Pale Fish

"I am a Pale Fish" webpage.

The sheets above me
cool my skin
like dirt
on a mad woman's grave
I rise into
the moonlight white
and watch
the mirror stare
Pale fish looks
back at me
Pale fish that will
never swim
My skin is milk
for no man to drink
My thighs unused
This body is
not ready yet
But dirt waits for no
and coins will
buy no time
I hear the chatter
of the bugs. It's they alone
will feast.

Poem #5[]

Poem 5

"Poem #5" webpage.

I sit alone at my
window sill
Trees crackle,
sunshine blares and
children laugh like death
their sharp happiness is a
knife to me—
One jealous snake on a
window sill—
They will be here, trees and sun
and children with canes
and pruney skin
when I am but a memory
a laugh in the trees
of time. I sit alone
and try to love them
I sit alone, a snake
I sit alone and try to
love them
I sit alone
and laugh.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Following a suggestion from Joss Whedon, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer production team decided to create this website for real, complete with poetry. It was actually composed and created by Rebecca Rand Kirshner, the episode writer. The site was created and hosted at Geocities, and the writers even registered a domain name for it in the name of Cassie Newton.
  • The whois entry for the domain name:
Creation Date........ 2002-09-14
Registration Date.... 2002-09-14
Expiry Date.......... 2003-09-14
Organisation Name.... Cassie Newton
Organisation Address. 13 Shadow Lane
Organisation Address. 
Organisation Address. Sunnydale 
Organisation Address. 94086
Organisation Address. CA
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES
Admin Name........... Cassie Newton
Admin Address........ 13 Shadow Lane
Admin Address........ 
Admin Address........ Sunnydale
Admin Address........ 94086
Admin Address........ CA
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email.......... newcassie@yahoo.com
Admin Phone.......... 666-442-8363
  • Thus Cassie lived at 13 Shadow Lane, Sunnydale. 94086 is actually the zip code for Sunnyvale, CA. The town is much further north than the supposed location of Sunnydale, but the similar names make it a logical joke. The use of 666 — biblically known as the number of the beast — in the phone number is typical of Whedon's sense of humor.
  • The site became extremely popular, exceeded its download limits, and the site guestbook filled up some thirty times over.
  • When the domain name registry lapsed, the Geocities site was deleted; the Internet Archive has a cached copy.[2] The domain name is now registered to a company in Hong Kong.


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