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Cassandra was a student at Hemery High School and, along with Kimberly and Jennifer, one of Buffy Summers's friends in Los Angeles.[1]


Cassandra was part of the dance committee with her classmates Buffy, Kimberly, and Jennifer. One night, they ate in a diner while discussing the theme of the upcoming school dance, when Pike and Benny recognized the other girls from the movies.[1]

The next day, after school, Cassandra asked Buffy if Tyler would be taking her to the dance, but she had picked Jeffrey Kramer instead. As Buffy stayed to wait for him, Cassandra reminded her of their study date that night.[1]

Cassandra wake up in Lothos's lair, captured by Amilyn. She told the vampire king he didn't want her, then offered to help him collect bodies. However, upon her mention of "God," Lothos took Cassandra by the neck and threw her into a column, killing her.[1]

According to Kimberly, Cassandra's body was found by the railroad's tunnels, and it was thought that she had been involved in some illegal activity like drug dealing.[2]

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