It's a rudimentary Containment Spell.

The Carolina's Grasp was a basic, yet effective, Containment Spell meant to capture beings capable of dissolving from solid into intangible forms (i.e. mists). It worked by first throwing the powder at the intended target's direction, and then reciting the incantation, causing the powder to form into a translucent cube around the target(s). Anything inside this cube was incapable of leaving, even if they could shift into intangible matter. However, anything from the outside could enter, as seen when the Scoobies deliberately torched a Japanese vampire inside the cube after dousing it with gasoline from the outside.

Dracula taught this spell to Willow in an attempt to aid the Slayer Organization during their assault in Japan against Toru and his minions.

Ingredients / Requirements Edit

  • 2 grams of Crimson Powder
  • Sprig of dwarfwhistle
  • Sea salt
  • Recitation (Latin):
Contrixi deficio


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