There's just so much I haven't done. So much I need to do. It's like, I've never had a real boyfriend, you know?
―Caridad in Xander Harris' dreams[src]

Caridad (last name unknown) was a Potential Slayer who eventually became one of the many new Slayers in 2003.

Biography Edit

All the evil in town wants us dead.

At some point after her arrival, Caridad met Xander Harris, whom had a sexual dream regarding a threesome with Caridad and her fellow Potential, Colleen.

After Buffy Summers was expelled from the Scooby Gang and Faith Lehane was appointed its new leader, Caridad was enlisted to help capture a Bringer to learn of the First's plans. She later joined Faith, Rona, Amanda, Vi, Kennedy and other potentials in a raid on the Bringers' underground armoury, only to be caught in a bomb blast as the group realized they have been led into a trap.

Caridad survived the explosion and the subsequent ambush by a group of freshly released Turok-Han vampires. She was present when Buffy returned to the fold and took part in the Battle at the Hellmouth



Behind the Scenes Edit

  • In the "Dirty Girls" shooting script, Caridad was originally named "Kelly". The character was renamed after Dania Ramírez was cast. 
  • Buffy magazine has confirmed her survival but she has yet to appear in the canonical continuation, Season Eight.

Appearances Edit

Preceded by:
Buffy Summers

and Faith Lehane


concurrently with Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane and thousands of others

Succeeded by:

Slayer succession line abolished

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