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Camazotz turning a human into a vampire

Camazotz was a Mayan Deity, also known as the God of Bats. His facial features were mixed from human and bat, his feet were like hooves, he had razor claws and teeth and giant bat wings on his back. He was also the creator of the vampire infestation in the world.


Camazotz is the God of Bats and the off-spring of a pure demon and a god. Before the demons left the Earthly dimension Camazotz shared his blood with a mortal who then bite another and he bite another and so vampires came to walk the earth. Buffy Summers first encountered Camazotz at the harbor master's office, a battle which lead to Buffy almost losing her life and the capture of her Watcher, Rupert Giles which in turn lead to him being turned into a vampire.

Camazotz had a wife named Zotziloha, which was the reason why Camazotz came to Sunnydale. Camazotz was one of the few that didn't wish to leave the Earth dimension but however is wife disagreed with his decision and so she mangled his wings to escape him, however he tracked and killed her, which then her spirit fled to Sunnydale to find a host strong enough to fight off Camazotz, this unfortunate host was Buffy Summers who had Zotziloha's spirit removed.

After Rupert Giles is turned into a vampire and seizes control of his minions in the alternate future, Camazotz is imprisoned and fed off by his minions. Giles lets them feed on him because Camazotz's blood enhances the abilities of a vampire and also gives them an eerie orange glow to their eyes as well as grants them a energy draining ability when they come into contact with someone. In this timeline, the feeding and torture had made Camazotz blind and insane. During the final battle in Sunnydale, Camazotz finally meets his demise at the hands of the Witch, Willow Rosenberg who shoots a golden arrow into Camazotz and kills him.

After returning to her own time, Buffy changes things by relying on her friends in her first confrontation with Camaztoz resulting in the dusting of many of his vampires, the rescue of Giles and Camazotz being forced to flee after Willow seriously injured him with a scimitar. Buffy and the Scooby Gang faced Camazotz on the ship he arrived in Sunnydale on and after most of his vampires were killed and his weakened state prevented him from fighting the Slayer well, Camazotz reabsorbed the energy he gave to his surviving minions, dusting them and restoring his own strength. Camazotz proved too much for the Slayer, but Willow was finally able to perform an alchemy spell to transform a stake into gold, Camazotz's only weakness. With the stake, Buffy gouged out one of his eyes and finally killed him by stabbing him in the heart. Camazotz's body immediately began to decay and was left behind on the ship to rot.

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