It’s okay. It’ll be okay. Willow will protect me.

Calliope Strachan was a Wicca student in one of Willow Rosenberg’s covens, with whom she was briefly involved.


Despite she couldn’t “even conjure foxfire” at the time, Calliope’s apartment was attacked by an anti-magic mob, following San Francisco’s tsunami.[1] She was taken to the Safe Zone and separated from her girlfriend Linda Martin,[2] there staying in a trailer with Willow and two other wiccans and giving continuity to her magic training.[3]

From their first encounter, Buffy noticed Willow was “making eyes at one of her coven”.[4] In the Safe Zone, Calliope kissed Willow twice, who both times rejected her because of her girlfriend.[5][6] She then promised to break up with Linda to be with her.[6] After Calliope gave up her magic to be freed from the Safe Zone, she was reunited with Linda and returned to normalcy, been seen going to watch a movie together.[7]

After the eventual resolve of San Francisco magic crisis, the coven encounters were resumed; Calliope, however, didn’t went to any meeting. About this, Willow said she didn’t blame her, reasoning that “this life isn’t for everyone.”[8]



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