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Calling spell was a spell that Willow Rosenberg cast to determine the location of living people.


In order to find Rupert Giles, Faith Lehane, and Andrew Wells, Willow performed the calling spell. Though it ended not revealing their location, she was still able to infer that they been taken. Indeed, they were teleported from her magically hidden perimeter to the Twilight Group headquarters, and replaced with Amy Madison, Warren Mears, and the General.[1]


To prepare for this spell, Willow levitated multiple candles and formed them into a circle. She poured an unknown concoction onto the floor into the shape of a pentagram enclosed in a circle. She then positioned herself in the middle of the circle, levitating in a meditative position. She chanted the incantation: "Vanshantu Nahcantu Preesbi Skuantuu Vladateth Ekanuu" and focused for a moment, to soon determine the supposed locations of her allies.[1]