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Moron offspring of the Lord of Downtown LA.

Burge's son

This demon is the son of Burge, one of the Demon Lords of Los Angeles. When the Senior Partners cast Los Angeles into Hell, the city was divided up by the "demon lords." Burge's domain was located in Downtown L.A. and was served by large numbers of demons who were commanded by his son. Burge, his son and their minions were all of the same species: large winged demons with leathery skin. While Burge was old and overweight, his son was young and muscular. Son-of-Burge had a quick temper and seemed to have a personal vendetta against Angel. He stated several times that he wanted to tear Angel's skin off and wear it as a cloak. Both Burge and his son were initially furious that Angel had killed some of their minions in order to protect some humans. Wesley promised to keep Angel confined to the Wolfram & Hart building as punishment for his actions, but denied Burge and his son any further revenge against Angel. Burge's son tried to attack Wesley as substitute for Angel, but was surprised to find that Wesley was in fact a ghost.

Later, Burge's son tried to kill group of humans as revenge for Angel killing his demonic minions. Angel taunted Burge's son from the a window in the W&H building. In a rage, Burge's son flew up into the air to attack Angel, but Angel was able to throw a stake into the demon's eye, killing him instantly while keeping his promise to not leave the building.

Later, when Los Angeles was restored via a temporal fold, the time LA spent in Hell was reset. Everyone who had been killed in the Fall of Los Angeles, including Burge and his son were restored to life. Both remembered being killed by Angel, but unlike his father, Burge's son had grown more cautious and timid after having experienced death. Burge and his son attempted to attack Charles Gunn, who was comatose in the hospital, but were warned away by Illyria, who was watching over Gunn and protecting him while he was comatose. Burge and his son left the area due to Illyria carrying around the decapitated head of the Lord of Weho who had already attempted an attack on Gunn before being killed by Illyria.