Burge, Lord of Downtown L.A., was a powerful demon and one the so-called lords that ruled an area of Los Angeles after the entire city was sent to hell by the Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart following the rebellion of Team Angel. Burge's domain was located in Los Angeles and was served by large numbers of demons who were commanded by his own son.

After Angel killed a number of Burge's followers in order to protect a trio of humans, Burge's son sought to kill Angel. Burge did not want to antagonize Wolfram & Hart, and thus agreed to spare Angel as long as he remained inside W&H's building. Despite the truce, Burge's son sought to appease his rage by killing six humans for the six demons Angel had killed. For this, he was killed by Angel, who, without leaving the Wolfram & Hart building, threw a stake at the demon's eye, killing him instantly.

Afterward, Burge summoned his fellow Lords to unite them against Angel.

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Burge possessed the appearance of a humanoid gargoyle. He had bat-like wings sprouting from his back and a tail.

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