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Bulldog was a Kakchiquel and alongside Clownface, one of Camazotz's top enforcers. In an alternate timeline encountered by Buffy Summers, he continued in this role for the Vampire King Rupert Giles.

History[edit | edit source]

Visit to Sunnydale[edit | edit source]

Bulldog, Clownface and the other Kakchiquels accompanied Camazotz to Sunnydale to search for his wife Zotzilaha. While on patrol with Xander Harris, the Slayer Buffy Summers encountered Bulldog, Clownface and two other Kakchiquels exiting the Kat Scratch Club. Recognizing their bat tattoos from an encounter with Kakchiquels the night before, Buffy confronted the four vampires who had no idea who the Slayer was due to Camazotz keeping his followers in the dark about her existence. Though unnerved by the Kakchiquels lack of fear and their very presence, Buffy engaged the four vampires, kicking Bulldog in the face and knocking him and Clownface over as she struggled with the other two Kakchiquels. As Bulldog and Clownface struggled to recover, Xander dusted one of the other two Kakchiquels with a stake while Buffy got the fourth with a crossbow.

With the other Kakchiquels dead, Bulldog and Clownface fled back into the club, chased by the Slayer and Xander. Though Buffy hit Bulldog twice in the back with her crossbow, it failed to even slow him down. The two chased the vampires to a backroom of the club where Buffy found that Bulldog and Clownface had backup of five more vampires. As their backup faced off against the Slayer, Bulldog and Clownface held back and the Kakchiquels began performing a chant to weaken the Slayer with their unearthly power. However, Buffy shook it off and engaged the Kakchiquels, quickly dusting two of them. As Bulldog attempted to join the fight, Buffy saw Clownface hold him back. After dispatching the other Kakchiquels, Buffy discovered that Bulldog and Clownface had fled through a rear door. Though used to vampires running from her, Buffy was disturbed by the realization that the two had not run out of cowardice but instead some form of strategic retreat.[1]

Alternate future[edit | edit source]

During the ambush at the harbormaster's office, both Bulldog and Clownface were amongst the Kakchiquels present. As Giles struggled and ordered Buffy to flee, Bulldog held him while Clownface struck Giles in the head and knocked him out again. The two passed Giles off to more of their kind while Camazotz demanded that Buffy choose. As Buffy charged the demon-god, Clownface took her down with a baseball bat and she and Bulldog began beating up on the Slayer. Desperate, Buffy managed to knock the two to the ground and escape into the Pacific.[1]

Over the next five years, Bulldog and Clownface came into the service of Rupert Giles when he overthrew Camazotz to become the Vampire King. After Buffy escaped, Giles sent his forces to chase her down, but secretly left the Slayer a crossbow and gave her several advantages. As Buffy made her way through Sunnydale with Parker Abrams, Bulldog and Clownface were a part of a group of Kakchiquels that ambushed the Slayer alongside Spike, Drusilla and Harmony Kendall. As it was daylight when the ambush started, the vampires wore protective suits. With it becoming dark enough to be safe, the vampires removed their protective hoods, leaving Buffy shocked to recognize Bulldog and Clownface. Buffy suspected that the vampires must've known where she was all along, seeing it as no coincidence that out of all the vampires in Sunnydale, Bulldog and Clownface had been sent to ambush her.

Acting quickly Buffy turned Parker's Mercedes into a battering ram, taking out Harmony and then raced around the cars in front of her. Buffy dusted the one unfamiliar vampire in front of her with her last crossbow bolt as Bulldog and Clownface jumped onto the car with Bulldog landing in the backseat. Buffy slammed on the breaks, sending Clownface off of the car and Bulldog headfirst into the front seat and the dashboard, briefly stunning him. Before Bulldog could recover, Buffy staked him and ran over Clownface as she escaped.[2]

The deaths of Harmony, Bulldog, Drusilla and Clownface during Buffy's successful escape caused Spike to angrily confront Giles over his actions. Spike listed Bulldog and Clownface as not only two of the Vampire King's best soldiers, but the best of those that had initially come to town with Camazotz.[3]

Camaztoz's defeat[edit | edit source]

After Buffy traveled back in time to change the terrible future that she witnessed, she was able to prevent Giles from being captured at the harbormaster's office by relying on her friends to help. After learning the location of Camazotz's ship, the Scooby Gang launched a raid to kill Camazotz and end the nightmare once and for all. Outside of the ship, the gang found Bulldog and Clownface acting as sentries.

Though Buffy wanted to take down the two Kakchiquels hand-to-hand, she chose not to attack as that wasn't the plan and she had already killed them both in the future she had witnessed. As part of the plan, Giles and Willow, armed with crossbows, moved into a nearby ruined warehouse and made noise to draw the two sentries. Bulldog made for the warehouse and when he was around a dozen feet from the structure, Buffy whistled at Clownface to draw her attention. When Clownface turned towards Buffy, the Slayer dusted the Kakchiquel with an arrow from her compound bow. Six feet from the warehouse, Bulldog heard his friend's demise. However, before he could turn, Willow or Giles dusted Bulldog with a crossbow bolt fired from between two slats in the boarded-up door.[4]

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Bulldog was described as a broad-shouldered goon with a face like a bulldog, hence his nickname and a chain that ran from his right ear to his nostril. He also had a shaved head. Like all Kakchiquels, Bulldog had a bat tattoo on his face.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Constantly referred to as Bulldog, his real name was apparently Matthias as mentioned by Spike while confronting Giles. This was the single time Bulldog was referred to by name.

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