Ok so this is going to be very random but i recently found some sites that u can watch all of the buffy and angel episodes. Going through some of them as well as other vampire centric programs iv noticed one thing that really annoys me. Normal people fighting vampires and winning. If the average joe can sit down and go toe to toe with a vampire dosnt it kinda make the whole reason a slayer was created kinda void. Now this really isnt that bad in buffy. Except for in the case of the Initiative but apparently they were hyped up on drugs so ill let that one go. This happens to be terrible in Angel though. Especially when it comes to Wesley and Gunn. Now at first the thing with Wesley isnt that bad as it isn't till later he becomes all hard ass. Yet from the start Gunn is going toe to toe with vampes.This is really bad in the series finale where he goes into that building all by himself and stakes at least 15. Like i dont understand it vampires are spose to be so much stronger and faster than humans. Which by the way vampires general abilities are also very inconsistent through out both series. Im just saying.

  • First, you're on the wrong page. You want to be using the actual "central discussion" page, not the talk page. Secondly, this area is not for discussing or speculating about the shows them selves. Rather, it is used to dertermine wiki policy, and the like. There are many other message boards you can visit, however. Thirdly, though I don't think we have an offical policy at this point, it's probably not a good idea to mention pirate sites. Just fyi. Din's Fire 997 07:38, 4 April 2009 (UTC)
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