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Academic worksEdit

Biographies and actor fan sitesEdit

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Books (reviews, excerpts and more)Edit

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Individual listings from other sites:

Episode guidesEdit

Many episode guides can be found at:

Fanfiction sitesEdit

  • The Chosen - BtVS virtual seasons 8-9
  • The Chosen Two Archives - Buffy/Faith fanfiction and other BtVS femslash
  • Slayer - A novel-length fan-fiction series featuring Faith, Spike, Xander, Dawn and a companion series of Angel.


Buffy RPGEdit

Angel RPGEdit

  • The official website of the Angel RPG.
  • RPGnet Review of the Angel RPG, including a breakdown of chapters.






Campaign for Spike movieEdit

WB & Buffyverse moviesEdit

Minear & the Spike movieEdit

Marsters & the Spike movie Edit

Whedon & the Spike movieEdit

Official websites (actors, games, etc)Edit


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Video and audioEdit

History of the Slayer (WB promo)Edit

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