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Willow "Danielle" Rosenberg"

Since hardly no one even realizes that "Danielle" is Willow's middle name, we need to make sure people aren't using this over and over again in articles. It could be said perhaps once on her main article, but that's it. Fan's know her simply as "Willow Rosenberg". QueenBuffy35px-Pink crown 20:40, December 9, 2017 (UTC)

SO many and TOO many categories

Hey everyone. Let's get a handle on all these categories. I just went through and found things like: "Buffy Comics" and "Buffy comics" on the same exact article. I cleaned them up, so now there is just "Buffy comics". We need to make sure we're not just making up categories. If anyone thinks a new category needs to be made, PLEASE let us admins and Bureau's discuss first. Also, we're going to start adding a single comic category to any article that pertains to something from a comic. I was reading something the other day and was like "I don't remember that episode"... and realized it was talking about something from a comic book. We need to make sure articles like that are categorized separately from the series. Hope this makes sense. :) I think we may just use "Buffy comics" and "Angel comics" for things like weapons or spells that are used in comic books, since that category is already made and we don't need to add anymore. QueenBuffy35px-Pink crown 21:25, December 9, 2017 (UTC)

Guys this is crazy... we have "demons" and "demon species" as two categories. Why are there two?! They are the exact same thing. This is out of hand. I think we should pull up an entire list of categories to see what we're dealing with. lol QueenBuffy35px-Pink crown 22:55, December 9, 2017 (UTC)
"Demon species" pertain to types of demons, whereas "Demons" (in its current use) is an umbrella category that contains "Demon species" AND individuals that are demons. Personally, I feel like "Demons" should just include the individuals instead of individuals+species, but then again if we follow that, we'd still need an umbrella term for both. FTWinchester (talk) 23:25, December 9, 2017 (UTC)
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