The Buffyverse Wikia provides a place for Buffy fans to expand on the content of Wikipedia. Unlike Wikipedia, content does not need to meet any notability or neutrality guidelines. You really can document everything that happens in the Buffyverse and in all spin-offs, including non-canon and fanon works. Feel free to add your own reviews and opinions. Unlike Wikipedia, Original Research into the show and its characters is welcome on this wiki.

Some content was imported from Wikipedia to give this wiki as good starting point. These articles need expanding to cover all of the non-encyclopedic material that had to be cut from Wikipedia. They all need image tags removed, or the images copied over from Wikipedia. If you find irrelevant links in articles, please remove those since what was relevant in Wikipedia might not be here. If you do copy content from Wikipedia, please add the {{wikipedia}} template to attribute the original authors (as required by the GFDL).

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