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The Buffybot was a robotic duplicate of Buffy Summers created by Andrew Wells as a decoy to protect the Slayer.[1] She was the second attempt of a robot made in Buffy's likeness, after the one built in 2001.[2]

Andrew secretly exchanged the bodies between Buffy and the Buffybot,[1] so the Buffybot lived in the suburbs as a way to safeguard Buffy's real body in a normal life.[3][4] She cooked, cleaned, and tended to her garden,[1] however the Buffybot felt something was wrong in this fake life.[1][4]

Simone Doffler captured her believing the Buffybot to be the real Buffy,[1] but the rogue Slayer soon pitted them against each other in her plan to defeat Buffy. Andrew then stopped her and exchanged Buffy and the Buffybot back into their bodies,[4] and the robot was kept deactivated since then.[5]


Buffybot mind transfer

Andrew transferring Buffy's mind into the new Buffybot.

Following the end of magic, Andrew created a robot to protect Buffy from an oncoming enemy. Andrew made Buffy pass out during a party in her apartment and transferred her mind into the robot.[1] Buffy wake up the next day and continued to live normally, but she did not know that she then had a robotic constitution.[6]

However, Andrew neglected to program the robot with basic human functions such as digestion, menstruation, and maintaining adequate pH levels in its blood.[1] Buffy, in the Buffybot's body, began to throw up frequently, missed expected periods, and tested positive for pregnancy.[7] She then made the decision to have an abortion,[8] and Spike supported her having her in his ship. However, they discovered her robotic body when a zompires ripped out her arm, revealing its artificial interior.[9]

Buffy and Spike confronted Andrew and he revealed what he had done. He gave Buffy a provisional arm, and the three traveled to the home where the Buffybot kept Buffy's body.[1] The Buffybot had been living in the suburbs as a way to safeguard Buffy's real body in a normal life.[3][4] She cooked, cleaned, and tended to her garden,[1] but she felt something was wrong in this fake life.[1][4] That night, the rogue Slayer Simone Doffler kidnapped the Buffybot, believing her to be the real Buffy.[1]

Buffy vs buffybot

Buffy and the Buffybot fight.

Simone convinced the Buffybot to join her side against Buffy, and Buffybot dyed Buffy's hair with pink locks to match Simone's. Using a tracking device posing as a necklace, Buffy, Spike, and Andrew went after the Buffybot in Angel Island. The Buffybot captured Buffy and tied her up for Simone, so the rogue Slayer attempted to isolate Buffy's essence from the robot body using hardware tools. Spike, Andrew and the bug crew came to the rescue and Buffy freed itself. Buffy and the Buffybot fought until Andrew intervened.[4]

After Simone fled, the group returned to San Francisco with the Buffybot, where Andrew exchanged Buffy and the Buffybot back into their bodies.[4]

Buffybot&Dawn Mind Transfer

Buffybot and Dawn.

Some time later, Dawn fell sick. In an attempt to save her, Xander agreed to let Andrew transfer her mind into the Buffybot,[10] who had been kept in the same state as when Buffy was returned to her body. However, Andrew was unable to transfer her conscience because her magic had been fading since the Seed of Wonder's destroyed.[5]

Powers and abilities[]

Relax, you're in worse shape than me. Also, I'm a robot.

The model was not built to digest food or menstruate, and its synthetic bodily fluids had a high pH level.[1]

The Buffybot was a more durable robot than the one Warren Mears created years before. While minor blows could cause a great deal of damage to the original,[2] the second could still function after its entire arm was ripped off, become unconscious when hit with a wooden plank without malfunctioning, and take a gunshot wound to the chest.[4]