Buffy lives season six

"Buffy lives"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6 promos were a series of nine promotional clips in advertisement for the season's debut "Bargaining, Part One." They originally broadcast on August 1, 2001, in campaign for the series' move to UPN network.

The promos featured Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters in a dark, candle-filled room, who separately described how Buffy Summers' death ("The Gift") affected or would affect their lives and Sunnydale. Each clip concluded with the message "Buffy lives," along with the narration: "Last season Buffy died. Or did she?".




Anya:  If she was here right now, I know she'd tell how proud she is of us.
She'd say: "Yay, you guys, fighting evil without me," that's what she'd say.
You know, if her vocal cords weren't all decomposed and stuff.


Anya:  Death is stupid. You plummet off a tower and — pfft — that's it. It's
shocking and I don't like it.


Dawn:  All my life, one person kept me safe in Sunnydale. But she's gone.
Now, it's up to me… [wields a stake] to stay alive.

"Save Us"Edit

Dawn:  My sister died saving the world. Saving me. Who's gonna save us now?

"Die Young #1"Edit

Spike:  I knew this girl once. Not like me at all. They say the good die
young. They weren't lying.


Spike:  It hurts when I think about her. But soon I'm not gonna be the only
one. 'Cause without her… all hell is gonna break loose.

"Die Young #2"Edit

Willow:  Even in high school she warned me. She told me she'd die young. I
never believed her, until now.


Xander:  The Slayer is dead. Everybody else, we're next.


Xander:  We live in a Hellmouth and we're down one Slayer. If my calculations
are correct, we're in big ass trouble.
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