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==Season 1 Episodes==
==Season 1 Episodes==
Aired: March 10 to June 2, 1997
|width="50%"|<ol start="1">
<li>"[[Welcome to the Hellmouth]]"</li>
<li>"[[The Harvest]]"</li>
<li>"[[Teacher's Pet]]"</li>
|episode=Welcome to the Hellmouth
<li>"[[Never Kill a Boy on the First Date]]"</li>
|airdate=March 10, 1997
<li>"[[The Pack]]"</li>
|number=001 1x01
<li>"[[I, Robot... You, Jane]]"</li>
|writer=[[Joss Whedon]]
<li>"[[The Puppet Show]]"</li>
|director=[[Charles Martin Smith]]
|summary=[[Buffy Summers]] arrives in Sunnydale and is not happy to meet her new Watcher, [[Rupert Giles]]. A mysterious "friend" offers guidance, but Buffy resists her destiny until [[Willow Rosenburg]] and [[Jesse McNally]] are abducted. Buffy saves Willow from an ordinary vampire, but loses track of Jesse in a confrontation with [[Luke]], the [[Master]]'s vampire vessel.
<li>"[[Out of Mind, Out of Sight]]"</li>
<li>"[[Prophecy Girl]]"</li></ol>
|episode=The Harvest
|airdate=March 10, 1997
|number=002 1x02
|writer=[[Joss Whedon]]
|director=[[John T. Kretchmer]]
|summary=After escaping from [[Luke]], [[Buffy]] goes in search of [[Jesse McNally|Jesse]], with a little help from [[Giles]] and [[Willow]], from her mystery friend, [[Angel]], and from [[Xander]], who braves the dank, dark sewers with her. [[The Master]] plots the Harvest, a ritual designed to imbue him with strength enough to open the Hellmouth, but Buffy defeats his minions in a showdown at [[The Bronze]].
|image=03 14.jpg
|episode=The Witch
|airdate=March 17, 1997
|number=003 1x03
|writer=[[Dana Reston]]
|director=[[Stephen Cragg]]
|summary=[[Buffy]] tries out for Sunnydale's cheerleading squad. The Scoobies at first suspect that [[Amy Madison]] is causing all the havoc but discover that her mother, also a practicing witch, has swapped bodies with her.
|episode=Teacher's Pet
|airdate=March 24, 1997
|number=004 1x04
|writer=[[David Greenwalt]]
|director=[[Bruce Seth Green]]
|summary=[[Xander]] is smitten by the substitute biology teacher, [[Natalie French|Ms. French]], who turns out to be a giant praying mantis terrifying enough to make vampires run for cover. [[Angel]]'s warning gives [[Buffy]] a vital clue and she rescues the virgin male students&mdash;including Xander&mdash;chosen to fertilize the creature's eggs.
|episode=Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
|airdate=March 31, 1997
|number=005 1x05
|writer=[[Rob Des Hotel]] & [[Dean Batali]]
|director=[[David Semel]]
|summary=[[Buffy]]'s lovelife is looking up when she goes on a date with the normal [[Owen Thurman]], but when Owen nearly gets killed during Buffy's battle to save [[Giles]] and the others from [[The Master]]'s vampires, she decides that "normal" dating might be too dangerous after all.
|episode=The Pack
|airdate=April 7, 1997
|number=006 1x06
|writer=[[Matt Kiene]] & [[Joe Reinkemeyer]]
|director=[[Bruce Seth Green]]
|summary=At the zoo, [[Xander]] and four other students sneak into the off-limits hyena habitat and become infected by an evil demon spirit. Xander and his pack grow more and more feral until [[Buffy]], [[Giles]] and [[Willow]] reverse the spell.
|airdate=April 14, 1997
|number=007 1x07
|writer=[[David Greenwalt]]
|director=[[Scott Brazil]]
|summary=Sharing their first kiss, [[Buffy]] is horrified to discover that [[Angel]] is a vampire. Bent on slaying him, Buffy learns that Angel's soul was restored by a Gypsy curse, making him unique&mdash;and reviled&mdash;among his fellow undead. Angel stakes [[Darla]], the vampire who made him, as she attempts to assassinate Buffy for [[The Master]].
|episode=I, Robot... You, Jane
|airdate=April 28, 1997
|number=008 1x08
|writer=[[Ashley Gable]] & [[Thomas A. Swyden]]
|director=[[Stephen Posey]]
|summary=[[Willow]] meets a boy on the Internet, but "Malcolm" is really [[Moloch|Moloch the Corrupter]], an ancient demon released from bondage after Willow scanned his "book" into the school's computer. With help from [[Jenny Calendar]], Sunnydale High's computer teacher, [[Buffy]] foils Moloch's plan to upload himself into a giant robot.
|episode=The Puppet Show
|airdate=May 5, 1997
|number=009 1x09
|writer=[[Rob Des Hotel]] & [[Dean Batali]]
|director=[[Ellen S. Pressman]]
|summary=After [[Principal Flutie]]'s death, the new sheriff in Sunnydale High, [[Principal Snyder]], forces [[Buffy]] and her friends to participate in the school talent show. When a girl's heart is harvested, Buffy suspects a fellow student and his strangely talkative dummy.
|airdate=May 12, 1997
|number=010 1x10
|writer=[[Joss Whedon]] (story) & [[David Greenwalt]] (teleplay)
|director=[[Bruce Seth Green]]
|summary=[[Sunnydale]] residents find their worst nightmares coming true and [[Buffy]] learns that a little boy in a coma is the cause. To solve the problem, the gang must wake him up and help him confront his fears.
|episode=Out of Mind, Out of Sight
|airdate=May 19, 1997
|number=011 1x11
|writer=[[Joss Whedon]] (story) & [[Ashley Gable]] & [[Thomas A. Swyden]] (teleplay)
|director=[[Reza Badiyi]]
|summary=Ignored by students and teachers alike, [[Marcie Ross]] literally becomes invisible, then uses her affliction to terrorize [[Cordelia]] and her friends. Sympathetic at first, [[Buffy]] nevertheless stops Marcie when she goes too far. Men in black come to take Marcie away.
|episode=Prophecy Girl
|airdate=June 2, 1997
|number=012 1x12
|writer=[[Joss Whedon]]
|director=[[Joss Whedon]]
|summary=[[Buffy]] quits Slaying when a prophecy predicts she will die in battle against the Master and [[Anointed One|The Anointed One]], but soon puts aside her fear and enters the fray on her own timetable and terms. In fulfillment of prophecy, [[The Master]] indeed kills the Slayer and opens the Hellmouth, but learns too late that Buffy is resilient, unpredictable&mdash;and lethal.
===First Appearances===
'''Regulars''': [[Buffy Summers]], [[Xander Harris]], [[Willow Rosenburg]], [[Cordelia Chase]], [[Rupert Giles]]<br />
'''Supporting''': [[Angel]], [[Joyce Summers]], [[The Master]], [[Principal Flutie]], [[Anointed One|The Anointed One]], [[Darla]], [[Jenny Calendar]], [[Principal Snyder]]
===Last Appearances of===
'''Supporting:''' [[Principal Flutie]]
* Cemetery scenes for this season were filmed at Rosedale cemetery in Los Angeles. <ref>The Watcher's Guide, Vol.1 by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder, 1998.</ref>
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[[Category:Buffy the Vampire Slayer]]
[[Category:Buffy the Vampire Slayer]]

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Season Summary

The first season begins several months after the events of the movie, with Buffy Summers arriving in Sunnydale with her mother, Joyce.

After moving with the hopes of leaving her born slayer duties behind, Buffy inevitably comes into contact with her Watcher, the librarian Rupert Giles, and the two friends who would fight demons alongside her through the series. They soon realize that Sunnydale High is located on a Hellmouth, a portal to demon dimensions, which attracts supernatural phenomena to the area.

The first season included mostly standalone episodes, exploring the problems faced by the student population as a result of the centrality of the Hellmouth that it has. Such issues explored include: ignored students turning invisible; witches; demon teachers; and the never-ending supply of vampires.

With the high emphasis on teenage angst and metaphorical nature of the episodes, Buffy's inevitable love interest came in the form of Angel, who frequently turns up with cryptic warnings for Buffy. However, the relationship becomes complicated when the truth about Angel's past is uncovered. Angel is a vampire with a soul that was restored by gypsies many years prior to the series beginning.

The overarching plot concerned The Master's attempts to reach the surface. He is an ancient and very powerful vampire who was trapped by an earthquake caused by his attempt to open the Hellmouth decades ago. Buffy and her comrades manage to stop each supernatural threat, typically employing a combination of detective work, frequent physical combat, and extensive research of both ancient mystical texts and computer-accessible records.

Ultimately, The Master recruits a prophesied Anointed One who brought Buffy to her death in The Master's underground prison. He used her blood to escape to the roof of Sunnydale High, but she is quickly revived by Xander, who had tracked her with the help of an unfed Angel. She manages to throw the Master onto a shard of wood, and the Hellmouth is closed.

Season 1 Episodes

  1. "Welcome to the Hellmouth"
  2. "The Harvest"
  3. "Witch"
  4. "Teacher's Pet"
  5. "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"
  6. "The Pack"
  7. "Angel"
  8. "I, Robot... You, Jane"
  9. "The Puppet Show"
  10. "Nightmares"
  11. "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"
  12. "Prophecy Girl"
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