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The first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer originally aired on The WB television network from March 10 to June 2, 1997. It exceptionally contained only 12 episodes, instead of the common 22 from other seasons.


After moving to Sunnydale, California, Buffy Anne Summers just wants to be a normal teenager. Back in Los Angeles, her first Watcher had died; she inadvertently burned down the school gymnasium at her old high school; and her parents got a divorce. The move to Sunnydale is supposed to give both her and her mother, Joyce, a clean slate. But then she meets the school librarian, Rupert Giles, and quickly learns there is no escaping her destiny.

With Giles as her new Watcher, she reluctantly steps back into her role as the Slayer. But this time she is not fighting alone. She now has an inner circle of special friends — Willow, Xander, Cordelia, and a mysterious young man named Angel — ready to join the fight and drive in a stake or two if need be.[1]


Buffy moves in Sunnydale with her mother, Joyce, arriving with the hopes of leaving her Slayer duties behind. However, Buffy inevitably came into contact with her Watcher, the librarian Mr. Giles,[2] and two friends who are willing to fight demons alongside her. They soon realize that the town is located on a Hellmouth, a portal to demon dimensions,[3] which attracts supernatural phenomena to the area.[4]

With the Scooby Gang formed, they have to deal with problems faced by the student population as a result of the centrality of the Hellmouth. Such issues include: witches and controlling mothers;[5] demon teachers taking advantage of virgin students;[4] ignored students turning invisible;[6] and bullying students becoming possessed.[7] All along with the never-ending supply of vampires.[2]

Buffy's inevitable love interest comes in the form of Angel, who frequently turns up with cryptic warnings for her. However, the relationship becomes complicated when the truth about his past is uncovered. Angel is a vampire with a soul that was restored by a Romani tribe many years before.[8]

Meanwhile, the overall concern is the Master's attempts to reach the surface and take over Sunnydale. He is an ancient and powerful vampire who was trapped by an earthquake caused by his attempt to open the Hellmouth decades ago. Buffy and her comrades manage to stop each supernatural threat, typically employing a combination of detective work, frequent physical combat, and extensive research of both ancient mystical texts and computer-accessible records.[3]

Ultimately, the Master recruits the prophesied Anointed One,[9] who leads Buffy to her death in the Master's underground prison. The vampire uses her blood to escape to Sunnydale High School, which is located atop the Hellmouth, but Buffy is quickly revived by Xander, who had tracked her with Angel's help. She manages to throw the Master onto a shard of wood, and the Hellmouth is closed again.[10]


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No. Image Title Air date
01 1x01 002 "Welcome to the Hellmouth" March 10, 1997
Writer: Joss Whedon Director: Charles Martin Smith
Buffy Summers and her mom move to Sunnydale, California, for a fresh start, unaware of the evil lurking in this quiet suburb. Somewhat reluctant in her role as the slayer, Buffy quickly makes friends and enemies at her new school. While also meeting her new "Watcher," Giles, the staid school librarian, her newly assembled team encounters the ever-abundant unearthly creatures in Sunnydale.
02 1x02 007 "The Harvest" March 10, 1997
Writer: Joss Whedon Director: John T. Kretchmer
Second part of the series premiere.
03 1x03 003 "Witch" March 17, 1997
Writer: Dana Reston Director: Stephen Cragg
When students start dropping out of cheerleading tryouts by spontaneously combusting, going blind and losing the power of speech, Buffy and her posse suspect a powerful witch is in their midst. Buffy herself soon becomes the target of a deadly spell as they discover the witch's true identity. Meanwhile, Xander finally musters up the nerve to ask Buffy out on a date but in the throes of a witch's spell, Buffy's response isn't exactly as he'd hoped.
04 B1x04 Willow Buffy "Teacher's Pet" March 25, 1997
Writer: David Greenwalt Director: Bruce Seth Green
A substitute teacher's infatuation with Xander is flattering to the lovesick teen, but alarming to Buffy.
05 Never Kill a Boy Main "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date" March 31, 1997
Writers: Rob Des Hotel, Dean Batali Director: David Semel
Buffy tries to maintain some semblance of a normal teenage social life by opting for a hot date instead of helping Giles protect Sunnydale from a violent vampire prophecy. As she's blinded by love, Buffy ignores the signs of the dark forces aligning against her. Meanwhile, while Buffy's being romanced, The Master is plotting her demise by invoking the wrath of the "Anointed One," a great warrior vampire who is The Master's most powerful weapon against the slayer.
06 The Pack "The Pack" April 7, 1997
Writers: Matt Kiene, Joe Reinkemeyer Director: Bruce Seth Green
When Buffy and the rest of Sunnydale High endure the annual field trip to the zoo, Xander and some other kids sneak into the quarantined hyena exhibit, but leave in an altered state. It's up to Buffy, Giles and Willow to discover the cause behind Xander's bizarre behavior and reverse the transformation before it's too late. Meanwhile, Xander's new aggressive demeanor doesn't play well with his old friends.
07 107jangel "Angel" April 14, 1997
Writer: David Greenwalt Director: Scott Brazil
While Buffy grows more and more annoyed with Angel's mysterious disappearing act, she can't deny her growing obsession with him. Meanwhile, it's killing Xander that Buffy doesn't have a clue how he feels about her and, as he vents his frustrations to Willow, she knows all too well how he feels. And in the underworld, The Master is incensed that Buffy has taken the lives of so many members of his family, and he summons warrior vampires to annihilate her.
08 Buffy vs moloch i robot, you jane still "I Robot, You Jane" April 28, 1997
Writers: Ashley Gable, Thomas A. Swyden Director: Stephen Posey
Buffy and Giles face a demon spirit who has been trapped since the Dark Ages and is unleashed into cyberspace. Meanwhile, Willow has fallen for a cyber-beau whom she met online and Xander and Buffy are wary of who this anonymous wooer may turn out to be.
09 The Puppet Show Buffy "The Puppet Show" May 5, 1997
Writers: Rob Des Hotel, Dean Batali Director: Ellen S. Pressman
Sunnydale High School's annual talent show serves as a backdrop for murder when Buffy must catch a knife-wielding stealer of human organs. Meanwhile, the new principal is a discipline-loving brute who forces Giles to run the talent show and orders Buffy, Xander, and Willow to perform.
10 1x10 008 "Nightmares" May 12, 1997
Writers: Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt Director: Bruce Seth Green
The world of nightmares and reality become one when everyone in Sunnydale is living out their worst fears. While Xander comes to school in his underwear and Giles is unable to read, Buffy must unravel the mystery before reality folds completely into the world of nightmares.
11 1x11 003 "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" May 19, 1997
Writers: Joss Whedon, Ashley Gable, Thomas A. Swyden Director: Reza Badiyi
Buffy and Cordelia become unlikely allies to combat an invisible spirit that has targeted Cordelia and everyone around her. Meanwhile, Angel goes to Giles to warn him that Buffy could be in grave danger.
12 Prophecy Girl Buffy 01 "Prophecy Girl" June 2, 1997
Writer: Joss Whedon Director: Joss Whedon
Buffy wants to resign from her life of slaying when Giles uncovers an ancient prophesy that spells out her deadly fate, as the Master's ascension from the Hellmouth is at hand. As the earth begins to crack open, Xander, Willow and Cordelia face an army of demons and the prophetic end of the world. Meanwhile, Xander finally asks Buffy to the prom with equally disastrous consequences.

Behind the scenes[]


  • The series served as a mid-season replacement for the soap opera Savannah and as such exceptionally contained only 12 episodes, as opposed to the 22 from other seasons.
  • Joss Whedon has stated: "In season one, we found that we had a show that people liked. I really thought people were going to laugh at the Buffy/Angel thing and say, 'Well, he's a vampire. This is so hokey.' But they couldn't get enough of it. It definitely made me realize the soap opera aspect of it; a continuing story of the romance and the people and their emotions was really what was fascinating. The monsters were all very well and good, but in the first season we were, like, 'Let's take our favorite horror movies and turn them into high school stories.'"[11]