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Buffyverse comics

Welcome Back to the Hellmouth.

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In Every Generation

Get ready for a new generation of Slayers!

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Meet the Scooby Gang

The original gang that started it all!

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Welcome to the City of Angels.

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Rack was a dark warlock from Sunnydale infamous for supplying a pure yet addictive kind of magic. Though he appeared to have died in the hands of a magically corrupted Willow Rosenberg, Rack survived and eventually found himself as a traveler in alternative dimensions under the alias Marrak.
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"Judgment" is the season premiere of the second season of Angel and the twenty-third episode in the series. Written by David Greenwalt and directed by Michael Lange, it originally broadcast on September 26, 2000 on The WB network.

The well-oiled, demon-fighting machine of Angel, Cordelia and Wesley is back in full force and joined by the streetwise vampire hunter Charles Gunn. After a case of mistaken identity leads Angel to slay a demon protecting an innocent girl, karaoke is the only way to make things right. Meanwhile, Angel struggles with the discovery that he may not always be eternal and Darla recovers from her resurrection from Hell.

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