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The Buffyverse Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel. The wiki format allows any registered user to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for Buffyverse fans.

Buffyverse comics

Welcome Back to the Hellmouth.

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Reboot on the works!

Monica Owusu-Breen is hired to pen a new Buffy adaptation.

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Meet the Scooby Gang

The original gang that started it all!

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Welcome to the City of Angels.

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Ethan Rayne was a chaos-worshipping warlock from Rupert Giles' troubled past. An enemy of the Scooby Gang, Ethan acted as a magical subcontractor performing odd jobs for demons and humans alike, either for money or his own pleasure.
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"Revelations" is the seventh episode of the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the forty-first episode in the series. It was written by Douglas Petrie and directed by James A. Contner. It was originally broadcast on November 17, 1998 on The WB network.

Tempers run hot when the gang learns of Angel's return and Buffy's harboring this vicious killer, but they all must band together to fight a demon who has arrived in Sunnydale in search of a highly powerful weapon. Meanwhile, Faith meets her new watcher, a brisk Englishwoman who is disdainful of Giles' haphazard operations.

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