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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book series under the banner of meta-series Season Nine. It was originally published from September 2011 to September 2013 by Dark Horse Comics.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine follows the character of Buffy and the Scooby Gang trying to find a sense of normalcy in San Francisco. There. they have to deal with the fallout of the Twilight crisis, the end of magic, the emergence of zompires, and the vengeful renegade Slayer Simone Doffler.




The series includes 25 issues and 3 short stories, which were collected into 5 trade paperbacks and 3 library editions (hardcovers).


Cover Title Issues Release date
Buffy1A Freefall, Part One 1 September 14, 2011
Writer: Joss Whedon Artist: Georges Jeanty
Season 8 ended with a bang when Buffy cut the world off from the hell dimensions and all supernatural influence. Great, right? Except Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and ended the long line of vampire slayers, leaving her hated by the hundreds of girls who recently stood behind her. Newly relocated to San Francisco, Buffy can count on a fresh start, and focus on what she's good at — slaying.
Buffy2A Freefall, Part Two 2 October 12, 2011
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Buffy continues her nightly patrols while trying to cobble together a sensible life... Willow's adopted a new look, while Dawn and Xander celebrate the comforts of a magicless world. The fun and games come to a halt when mysteriously marked bodies start appearing. As Buffy starts to investigate, she captures the attention of San Francisco police detectives who have taken notice of the unnaturally gifted Slayer.
Buffy3A Freefall, Part Three 3 November 9, 2011
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Spike has heard rumblings. Someone, or something, is coming for Buffy — and now, after she recklessly slipped out of police custody, the SFPD is certainly looking. When Buffy's family and friends deny her refuge from the cops, she turns to the streets and slaying, where she discovers there's a new kind of vampire slayer in town...
Buffy4A Freefall, Part Four 4 December 14, 2011
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
As Xander, Dawn, and Willow retreat into their own complicated lives, Buffy finds herself drawn more closely to her new friend Severin, a mysterious crime fighter in his own right, and a snappy dresser to boot. Together they take on a new kind of vampire threat while Buffy's not-in-the-know roomies start snooping through her unslept-in bedroom. Now what could they possibly find?
BuffySeason95A Slayer, Interrupted 5 January 11, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Karl Moline
Buffy's dreams have become all too real lately as she deals with a magicless world. She's still fighting creatures of the night, as Willow and Xander grow distant and nightmares plague the Slayer. But something is telling Buffy that there is more to her dreams than meets the eye... and that her greatest fears may yet become reality!
BuffyS96A On Your Own, Part One 6 February 8, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
The uptick in the zompire population has the SFPD on Buffy's trail again — but this time, they need her assistance. However, Detective Dowling must settle for a little help from the bleached-blond vampire Spike, as Buffy has become distracted by a rather personal problem that will lead her to Robin Wood.
BS97A On Your Own, Part Two 7 March 14, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Still seeking normalcy in the midst of zompire-stricken San Francisco, Buffy contemplates a life-changing decision the likes of which few Slayers have ever faced. Meanwhile Spike rushes to the aid of Detective Dowling, who's in over his head with his recent investigation into the undead bloodsuckers plaguing the city.
Buffy issue 8 Apart (of Me), Part One 8 April 11, 2012
Writers: Andrew Chambliss, Scott Allie Artist: Cliff Richards
There is something seriously wrong with Buffy! She and Spike discover that the one person who can help her is actually... Andrew? Buffy's situation becomes even more dire as she discovers that Simone, the Slayer with an enormous grudge, has been targeting her.
Buffy issue 9 A Apart (of Me), Part Two 9 May 9, 2012
Writers: Andrew Chambliss, Scott Allie Artist: Cliff Richards
Andrew doesn't always make the best choices. And now Buffy finds herself and the very course of her life profoundly affected by one of Andrew's over-the-top, idiotic... hair-brained... schemes. Together with Andrew and Spike, the worried Slayer will have to confront herself and her comrades, as well as a long-standing annoyance, the number-one Buffy hater of all Buffy haters: Simone, the gun-toting Slayer.
BS910A Apart (of Me), Part Three 10 June 13, 2012
Writers: Andrew Chambliss, Scott Allie Artist: Cliff Richards
While Buffy is undertaking an away mission with Spike and Andrew, the SFPD is starting to really feel the effect of the rapid zompire population growth... With Buffy out of town, as the only Scoobies in the vicinity, Xander and Dawn have been approached for guidance. Buffy needs to get herself back together and home to SF quick, but facing Slayer Simone and her unexpected ally is going to make it a rough job!
BS911A Guarded, Part One 11 July 11, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Buffy is trying something new — not Slaying. WHAT?! Enter Kennedy. Slayer. Ex-girlfriend of magicless Willow. Bossy. She's joined a company that hires Slayers to act as bodyguards for high-profile clients, and Buffy is her most recent recruit. But Buffy is having a little trouble letting go of Slaying. Things that go bump in the night are kinda her forte. Luckily... her first client is having some woeful demon trouble that Buffy can't wait to sink her stake into.
BS912A Guarded, Part Two 12 August 8, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
By working for Deepscan — the company that recruits Slayers as bodyguards — Buffy thought she would disengage herself from the world of demons and garner a more significant income, to boot. While the income may get her closer to paying off pesky student loans, the demony population is closer to her than ever, thanks to her first client. Buffy, under the tutelage of a disgruntled and heartbroken Kennedy, has her work cut out for her and is forced to call on the honorable Eldre Koh for help, culminating in a little demon-on-demon violence.
BS913A Guarded, Part Three 13 September 12, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Acting as bodyguard for her first-ever client, Buffy has found herself entangled in some nasty demon business with ties to Angel and his time in LA. Through the social network Tincan, some demons have been able to connect to our world, and any attempts to sever that connection will lead Buffy and her client into increasingly dangerous territory.
BS914A Billy the Vampire Slayer, Part One 14 October 10, 2012
Writer: Jane Espenson Artist: Karl Moline
Buffy television scribes Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg take readers on a special two-part adventure where a new kind of Slayer emerges in a world without magic! As the zompire epidemic threatens a small California town, Slayer and Watcher join forces to eradicate an overwhelming new evil.
Bs915a Billy the Vampire Slayer, Part Two 15 November 14, 2012
Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg Artist: Karl Moline
Training has begun, bringing the newest Slayer and Watcher closer together. Will they be ready when they're needed most? The rapidly growing zompire population has overcome a local institution, and our heroes in training must take on the fight of their lives!
BS916A Welcome to the Team, Part One 16 December 12, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Buffy takes on the zompire epidemic in San Francisco with new allies — the SFPD and Billy the Vampire Slayer! Just as Buffy finds contentment in her life, she's torn from routine battle and forced to confront an ancient demon from her former lover's past.
BuffySeason9 17 Welcome to the Team, Part Two 17 January 9, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Ripped from the middle of a zompire battle, Buffy finds herself face to face with Illyria and a mystical council in LA. She's been unwillingly recruited to take down a former enemy while her friends in San Francisco are left in a Buffy-less lurch with dire consequences...
BS918A Welcome to the Team, Part Three 18 February 13, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
The remnants of magic left on earth are in danger... The Siphon is back, and he's more charged than ever before as he takes out one magical being after another, absorbing their power. Pulled into this battle to save the world — again — Buffy is partnered with Koh and Illyria to put a stop Severin.
BS919A Welcome to the Team, Part Four 19 March 13, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
The Siphon is loose and gathering power after a brutal brawl with Buffy, Illyria, and Koh. But there are bigger things. More important things. Real terror greets Buffy as soon as she returns to San Francisco, where friends and family await her with troubling news.
BS920A The Watcher 20 April 10, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Karl Moline
The loss of the world's magic has finally hit Buffy. Hard. As friends and family continue to fall, Buffy is helpless... and Xander is beyond fed up with helplessness — and Buffy! He is so finally ready to do something about it!
B09-21-00a The Core, Part One 21 May 8, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
The Scoobies are together again — and just in time! Buffy, Willow, and Xander begin a new mission as a team in order to protect something very dear to them all. But evildoers Simone and Severin have their own plans and are ready to undermine the happy reunion!
B09-22-00a The Core, Part Two 22 June 12, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Buffy, Xander, and Willow must fight against all odds to get past the mystical council and gain entry to a magical hotspot — the Deeper Well! New allies are born while old enemies bring the heat. Grave dangers await our heroes at the center of the earth!
B09-23-00a The Core, Part Three 23 July 10, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Dawn's life hangs in the balance, and Buffy will stop at nothing to save her little sis. Willow, Xander, and Buffy reunite to save the girl they love and begin a journey that reveals betrayal amongst the ranks as they descend into the mysterious Deeper Well, former home of Illyria and many powerful Old Ones.
B09-24-00a The Core, Part Four 24 August 14, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
In a last-ditch effort to save Dawn, the heroic trio of Buffy, Willow, and Xander must split up and tackle their own demons, real and imagined. As the Season's Big Bads — Severin and Simone — threaten to turn back time, the mystical council partner with Koh and Illyria to prevent a tragic tear in the reality of time!
B09-25-00a The Core, Part Five 25 September 11, 2013
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Buffy can't ever just be a vampire slayer, can she? Always the world seems to want more, and as the lives of her loved ones are threatened, Buffy shows why she is the Chosen One. Whatever is thrust upon her, she can handle it! Er... sometimes with a little help from her friends.

Short Stories[]

Cover Title Release date
Magicalmysterytour "Magical Mystery Tour, Featuring the Beetles" August 1, 2011
Writer: Jane Espenson Artist: Georges Jeanty
Spike leads an intergalactic bug crew though time and space in order to get back to planet Earth!
Inspacenoonecanhearyouslay "In Space No One Can Hear You Slay" May 5, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss Artist: Georges Jeanty
Buffy has never needed a vacation so badly as she does now — with the world overrun with zompires and other fallout from Season 8. Luckily, Spike has got the perfect solution: a "spacecation"!
Dhp21 25 cvr Love vs. Life June 19, 2013
Writer: Jane Espenson Artist: Karl Moline
After training with Buffy, Billy the vampire slayer heads back to his hometown to deal with the zompire epidemic!

Trade paperbacks[]

Cover Title Issues Release date
FreefallTPB Freefall 1–5 July 4, 2012
Season 8 ended with a bang that cut the world off from magic — culminating in another set of world-ending problems. Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and brought an end to a millennia-long tradition of superpowered girls. By day, Buffy is a twenty-something waitress with no real direction, and even though magic is gone, she's still a vampire Slayer by night. Bigger problem? Vampires are becoming an epidemic… of zompires!
On your on On Your Own 6–10 December 5, 2012
With the Scooby gang on the skids, Buffy finds herself increasingly alone. When faced with some tough decisions grounded in "real world" problems (i.e., not the slaying of pesky demons), Buffy is determined to make her own choices, but that doesn't mean she won't need a little handholding along the way. Cue Spike, compelled to stand by his best friend in her moment of need. Together they'll tackle the increasing zompire population and a rogue Slayer out for blood.
Guardedtpb Guarded 11–15 May 1, 2013
The Chosen One has a new lease on life, courtesy of… Kennedy?! In a bold move to give disenfranchised Slayers a meaningful societal role (with pay), Kennedy recruits Buffy to act as bodyguard for high-profile clientele. But unlike the other recruits, Buffy struggles to abandon her Slaying instincts and looks for demony threats where none lie (much to Kennedy's dismay). So it's only natural that her first job is to protect a tech mogul who just so happens to be running from demon assassins! Then, guest writers Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg show a new kind of Slayer emerging in a small town about to be contaminated by the growing zompire epidemic!
BS9TPB41 Welcome to the Team 16–20 October 2, 2013
Buffy is unwillingly recruited by the demon Illyria and a mystical council to take down the Siphon — for good. He is on the loose again, and a danger to all remnants of magic! Meanwhile, the loss of magic has begun to affect those closest to Buffy…
TheCorevolume The Core 21–25 March 5, 2014
When Dawn falls ill, it's up to best friends Buffy, Xander, and Willow to join forces and find a supernatural cure in a world sorely lacking magic. The trio must fight their way into the Deeper Well, the former home of Illyria and other ancient deities known as the Old Ones, where they hope to jump-start magic back into existence.

Library editions[]

Cover Title Issues Release date
SeasonNineLibraryEdition1 Season Nine Library Edition, Volume 1 01–10, "Magical...", "In Space..." January 14, 2015
The world has lost its connection to magic, and a new breed of vampires has been born — zompires! Still, there's more trouble for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a magic siphon is loose, student loans have to be paid, Willow goes walkabout, and Buffy finds herself pregnant while coming to terms with her relationship with Spike.
Bs9v2 Season Nine Library Edition, Volume 2 11–15, Willow: Wonderland June 3, 2015
When Buffy is unemployed and killing fewer vampires than ever, a group of Slayer-driven special forces called Deepscan gives her hope for a more prosperous future. But Buffy can't resist her slaying instincts in a new world where not all bad things are… bad. The world keeps changing, and the Slayer struggles to keep pace. Meanwhile, Willow embarks on a singular journey to reclaim her identity and her magic in strange worlds where she confronts extraordinary beasts, resists magical temptations, and must discover the gateway home again. Collects the third volume of Buffy Season 9 and Willow: Wonderland in a deluxe hardcover format with sketchbook extras!
Bs9v3 Season Nine Library Edition, Volume 3 16–25, Love vs. Life November 11, 2015
Buffy, Xander, and Willow set out on a journey to find a supernatural solution in a world sorely lacking magic. This trio of friends will confront new enemies — a superbeing bent on revenge, a Slayer gone rogue, and the ancient god who created vampires — in a battle that will change the shape of the world. Buffy, with a little help from her friends, will rediscover what it truly means to be a Slayer. Collects the fourth and fifth volumes of Buffy Nine in a deluxe hardcover format with sketchbook extras!


Cover Title Issues Release date
Buffyversesamplercover Buffyverse Sampler 1, others January 23, 2013
Following the success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Dark Horse launched four separate series for the anticipated Buffy Season 9: Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith are direct follow-ups to Season 8, and both Spike and Willow are spinoffs from those two ongoing series. Collected here are all four 1 issues!

Behind the scenes[]


  • This season follows comic book time style, meaning that it takes place culturally in its publishing years (2011 to 2013) despite being chronologically in 2006–2007. In the Slay the Critics for A Dark Place, Part Five, editor Scott Allie declared: "I know some readers want to pin down this sort of thing, but we won't. Buffy will always be a place for pop cultural references, and we don't think it's worth slowing down the clock to match monthly comics publishing. However, there was the usual gap of a few months between Seasons 7 and 8, and Season 8 lasted nearly a year. A few months passed before Season 9 started, and all told Season 9 will have lasted just a few months. And yet we have Lady Gaga and tablet devices."

International titles[]

  • French: Buffy contre les vampires, Saison 9
  • German: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Staffel 9
  • Italian: Buffy l'ammazzavampiri, Stagione Nove
  • Spanish (Spain): Buffy Cazavampiros, 9ª Temporada