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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine was a periodic on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. Published initially by MVP Media Group then Titan Magazines, it featured exclusive content such as interviews with cast and crew, and news on upcoming events; as well as thematic articles, past comic strips, and characters' posters.


The first fan magazine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Official Magazine, was a quarterly periodic in the United States published by MVP Media Group over three years. Beginning in September 1998, there were a total of 12 issues until Summer 2001, when MVP went bankrupt. A Fan Club Magazine was also issued for club members, with exclusive variant covers.

The franchise was then taken over by Titan Magazines, which had been originally producing Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine under license since October 1999. The group relaunched the periodic in the United States in March 2002, generally duplicating the UK content.

In addition, Titan published the Angel Magazine, based on the Angel series. In August 2005, the Buffy and Angel magazines were merged, alternating bi-monthly publications as Buffy the Vampire Slayer featuring Angel and Angel featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy reached its final issue in July 2007 with a total of 31 issues, compared to 94 for the UK edition.[1]


MVP Media Group[]

Cover A Cover B Issue Release
Buffy Magazine 1A Buffy Magazine 1B 1 Fall 1998
A special preview of summers night: Season Three secrets revealed. Seth Green: Buffy's teen wolf is one of Hollywood's most wanted. Angel returns! Exclusive interview with David Boreanaz: Buffy's boyfriend from Hell. The Slayer chronicles: An episode guide so complete, it's scary. Welcome to Sunnydale: Go behind the scenes of the Buffy set.
Buffy Magazine 2A Buffy Magazine 2B 2 Winter 1998
Stakeout! Buffy vs. Faith: Is Sunnydale big enough for two Slayer? Anthony Stewart Head, Grim Ripper: The real story behind Giles' new ‘tude. The great Chase: Exclusive interview with Charisma Carpenter. They're back: The return of Spike and Drusilla. The real Sunnydale: Take a trip to Slayerville.
Buffy Magazine 3A Buffy Magazine 3B 3 Spring 1999
Heart attack: A Buffy guide to love and lust on the Hellmouth. Jen ex: Robia LaMorte's life after Ms. Calendar. Bringing up Buffy: Kristine Sutherland on raising a Slayer. Sound check: The bands that keep the Bronze jammin'. Slumber party: Sneak a peek at Buffy's bedroom. Evil eyes: Mark Metcalf unmasks the Master.
Buffy Magazine 4A Buffy Magazine 4B 4 Summer 1999
Resident evil: A revealing James Marsters interview on the return of Spike. Special report: Countdown to the new Angel series. Monster mash: Buffy's FX makeup master ranks his top ghouls. There's something about Mayor: Harry Groener's wild Hellmouth reign.
Buffy Magazine 5A Buffy Magazine 5B 5 Fall 1999
Graduation! What you didn't see in the season finale. Faith's fate: 10 warning signs for troubled Slayers. Angel premieres! Special Buffy/Angel 2-in-1 issue. College daze: Visit Buffy's dorm and UC-Sunnydale. Glenn Quinn: Exclusive Q&A with Angel's new star!
Buffy Magazine 6A Buffy Magazine 6B 6 Winter 1999
Vampire hunters: Inside the top-secret compound of the mysterious Initiative. The Slayer and the soldier keeping Sunnydale fang-free. Campus man: Exclusive Marc Blucas interview. Haunted houses: The spookiest places outside of Sunnydale. Cardiac arrest: We interrogate Angel's top cop Elisabeth Röhm. Major pain: A college survival guide for Slayers.
Buffy Magazine 7A Buffy Magazine 7B 7 Spring 2000
Watch and learn. Special quiz: do you have what it takes to be a Watcher? Bloody good! Investigating Spike: New crypt, new gang, same attitude. Demon hunter: Angel's Alexis Denisof on his inner rogue. Lost Initiative: Lindsay Crouse leaves a dangerous legacy. Classic creeps: History of horror from Bela Lugosi to Buffy.
Buffy Magazine 8A Buffy Magazine 8B 8 Summer 2000
The X-factor. Xander speaks: Exclusive Nicholas Brendon interview. Making magic: Amber Benson enchants as Tara. Demon guide: A complete demonology from Sunnydale to L.A. Appear on Buffy! How to land a role on your favourite TV show. The devil inside: Real life reports of demonic possession.
Buffy Magazine 9A Buffy Magazine 9B 9 Fall 2000
Spellbound! A bewitching interview with Alyson Hannigan. Darla lives: Julie Benz returns to terrorize Angel. Pillow talk: Unlocking the hidden meanings of dreams. Slay at home: Creating the new Buffy video game. Chosen ones: Play the Sunnydale dating game to find your match.
Buffy Magazine 10A Buffy Magazine 10B 10 Winter 2000
You think you know… what's to come: Joss Whedon on the Slayer's future. L.A. law: Exclusive interview with Angel's Christian Kane. The Buffy invasion: From cult favorite to pop phenomenon. Count Dracula: Rudolf Martin as the king of vamps. Telekinesis: mind over matter or cheap parlor trick?
Buffy Magazine 11A Buffy Magazine 11B 11 Spring 2001
Angel exclusive! Street fighter: J. August Richards' Gunn has vamps on the run. Michelle Trachtenberg: the Slayer's kid sister speaks! Stage frights: Buffy and Angel stars who rock after dark. Lovers walk: Romance is alive and undead on the Hellmouth. Space invaders: Investigating the alien menace in Sunnydale.
Buffy Magazine 12A Buffy Magazine 12B 12 Summer 2001
Slayer century: Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrates 100 episodes. Educating Anya: Emma Caulfield discusses life after vengeance. Heaven sent: Random access with David Boreanaz. Be very afraid! Juliet Landau's shocking return as Drusilla. Glory, Glory: Clare Kramer rules as the devilish deity. Into the Fray: Joss Whedon tackles the comics realm.

Titan Magazines[]

Cover A Cover B Issue Release
Magazine 01A Magazine 01B 1 March 2002
James Marsters: Spike speaks out in an exclusive interview. Buffy set secrets: Exclusive peak behind the scenes on Buffy. Nicholas Brendon! Plus: Joss Whedon & Angel's Amy Acker.
Magazine 02A Magazine 02B 2 April 2002
Girl talk: Amber Benson on breaking up with Willow. Buffy's future revealed: Marti Noxon on what lies ahead. A date with Darla: Julie Benz interview!
Magazine 03A Magazine 03B 3 May 2002
David Boreanaz: Angel's front man and new dad drops in for a revealing chat. The end of Buffy: Marti Noxon looks to the future. Harm's way: Mercedes McNab on playing spoiled brat & Spike's spurned lover Harmony.
Magazine 04A Magazine 04B 4 June 2002
Michelle Trachtenberg: On growing out of the shadow of big sister Buffy. End of Angel: David Greenwalt on wrapping Season Three. Top Gunn! J. August Richards talks romance on the streets of LA.
Magazine 05A Magazine 05B 5 December 2002
Giles speaks! Exclusive interview with Anthony Stewart Head. Angelus and Faith to return! Series creator Joss Whedon spills new season secrets! Secrets from the set: Behind the scenes on Anya episode.
Magazine 06A Magazine 06B 6 February 2003
Angel special. David Boreanaz: Meet the Angel star! Set revelations: Behind-the-scenes on new Season Four episode! Exclusive interviews with Charisma Carpenter, Andy Hallett and more!
Magazine 07A Magazine 07B 7 April 2003
Buffy & Angel back together? Crossover possible for future — plus more exciting news inside! Angel's Wesley: Alexis Denisof on Wes' sexy new image! Xander and Anya! Exclusive interviews. Monsters, inc! Meet the Buffy/Angel monster makers!
Magazine 08A Magazine 08B 8 June/July 2003
James Marsters: exclusive Spike interview, plus Spike set report! Revealed! The top 10 Buffy merchandise you must own! Why Buffy is ending: The inside scoop from the creators. Fred alert! Amy Acker on Angel Season Four.
Magazine 09A Magazine 09B 9 August/September 2003
David Boreanaz: Exclusive interview — on Angel's return for Season Five and much more! Inside: Set report on Buffy's final week! Sneak preview! New Buffy game! Joss Whedon: Series creator on the future of the Buffyverse and more! Big Bad bonanza! Meet all this year's villains!
Magazine 10A Magazine 10B 10 December 2003
Willow's world: Alyson Hannigan chats about seven years of Buffy! Willow, Tara & Kennedy! Buffy spin-off news! Love story: Buffy's lovelife explored. Kennedy interview: Ivari Limon reveals Season Seven secrets. Finales exposed! We review Buffy's seasons enders.
Magazine 11A Magazine 11B 11 February 2004
Xander interview: Nicholas Brendon recalls his Buffy highlights. Joss Whedon speaks out: Buffy's Executive Producer looks to the future. The comedy zone: We relive the series' funniest moments! Welcome to the Hellmouth! Secrets on the making of the first ever episodes.
Magazine 12A Magazine 12B 12 April/May 2004
Spike speaks! James Marsters reveals all on life after Buffy, Angel and more! Buffy's future: Executive producer Marti Noxon on what lies ahead for the Slayer. Hot stuff! We analyze some of Buffy's steamiest romances.
Magazine 13A Magazine 13B 13 June/July 2004
Michelle Trachtenberg: Buffy actress reveals all on her transition to the big screen! Sarah speaks out! Buffy star explains absence from Angel. All about Anya: Exclusive one on one with Emma Caulfield!
Magazine 14A Magazine 14B 14 August/September 2004
Tony Head: Buffy's former Watcher talks about life as Rupert Giles. Watch out! Unearthing the work of the Watcher's Council! Buffy to return? Exclusive news inside. Faith: The life and times of the rogue Slayer.
Magazine 15A Magazine 15B 15 October/November 2004
Nicholas Brendon: The former Buffy star discusses his future! Devilish Drusilla: Buffyverse revelations from Juliet Landau. Oz: We take an in-depth look at Sunnydale's favorite werewolf. Monster mash: We look at Buffy' classic monsters. Hallowe'en special!
Magazine 16A Magazine 16B 16 December/January 2005
Sarah Michelle Gellar! Buffy's star discusses the future, and Buffyverse movies! James Marsters reveals the best Buffy kisser! Matter of principal: Meet the men in charge of Sunnydale High! Joss Whedon on Buffy movies!
Magazine 17A Magazine 17B 17 February/March 2005
Emma Caulfield: Talks exclusively about Buffy, and her new projects! Seeing double: Nick Brendon's twin, Kelly Donovan, on his Buffy appearances! The Buffy brainbuster: Are you brave enough to accept the callenge of our ultimate Buffy quiz? Showing potential: Sarah Hagan discusses her time on the show! Buffy Animated! Jane Espenson!
Magazine 18A Magazine 18B 18 April/May 2005
Villains: Exclusive interviews with Buffy's baddies, including Caleb, Amy and The Nerd Troika! Welcome to the Hellmouth: Join us for a guided tour of Sunnydale! Marc Blucas: Exclusive interview with Buffy's former lover! Buffy Animated! Joss Whedon movie news!
Magazine 19A Magazine 19B 19 June/July 2005
Amber Benson exclusively discusses her new film and her song for Tara. Willow! Latest projects of the Sunnydale sorceress revealed! Love on the rocks: The greatest Buffyverse love triangles investigated! Spike comic news!
Magazine 20A Magazine 20B 20 August/September 2005
Michelle Trachtenberg! Talks exclusively about life, Angel and ice-skating! Connor! Exclusive Vincent Kartheiser interview! What if? Buffy and Angel stories that might have been… Latest news! Pull-out timeline! Vote in the Buffy Awards!
Magazine 21A Magazine 21B 21 October/November 2005
Amber Benson! Talks exclusively about her new films! Glory! Exclusive interview with actress Clare Kramer. Hooked! Our countdown of Angel's top teaser sequences. Joss Whedon on the future of Buffy & Angel!
Magazine 22A Magazine 22B 22 December 2005/January 2006
Giles and Wes: Exclusive joint interview with Tony Head and Alexis Denisof! Lorne! Andy Hallett interview. Watch out! Our complete guide to being a Watcher. Exciting Spike movie news!
Magazine 23A Magazine 23B 23 February/March 2006
Alyson Hannigan on her new TV show, her latest movie & life after Buffy. James Marsters: Latest news! Extreme make-over: We talk to Angel make-up artist, Dayne Johnson. Joss Whedon returns to Buffy!
Magazine 24A Magazine 24B 24 April/May 2006
Faith: Eliza Dushku on Buffy, Angel and the future! Doyle: The life & times of a hero. Calendar girl: Robia LaMorte interview. A question of Buffy: Your burning Buffyverse questions answered! Exclusive Spike movie news: Will James Marsters reprise role? Faith!
Magazine 25A Magazine 25B 25 June/July 2006
Alexis Denisof: On life before and after Angel. Darla speaks! The generation game: Kids versus adults in the ultimate battle of the Buffy/Angelverse. Exclusive interviews! Potentials Rona & Vi! Ethan Erickson! Senator Brucker!
Magazine 26A Magazine 26B 26 August/September 2006
Nick Brendon: On Buffy, and life after Sunnydale. Spike movie news! The weapons no Slayer or Scoobie should be without! First look! New exclusive Buffy action figure!
Magazine 27A Magazine 27B 27 October/November 2006
Anthony Stewart Head: Speaks exclusively on his new TV and film roles, and the future of Buffy. Journey into the unknown: Explore the different dimensions of the Buffyverse! Amy Acker: Exclusive interview. Buffy season eight news: Joss Whedon speaks!
Magazine 28A Magazine 28B 28 December/January 2007
James Marsters: Speaks exclusively on his new film & album. The eighth wonder: Exclusive season eight comic interview. Plus: J. August Richards, behind the scenes, Juliet Landau, Buffy awards. 100-page special! Giant-size collector's edition.
Magazine 29A Magazine 29B 29 February/March 2007
David Boreanaz: Exclusively discusses his Angel past, and new show Bones! James Marsters: Backstage at a recent convention live! Alyson Hannigan interview. Inside: James Marsters, Anthony Stewart Head, Charisma Carpenter, three exclusive free posters!
Magazine 30A Magazine 30B 30 April/May 2007
Buffy's back! Joss Whedon talks exclusively about Buffy Season Eight! Inside: win James Marsters cos! Amy Acker exclusive, Elisabeth Rohm, Emma Caulfield, Julie Benz, Amy Acker.
Magazine 31A Magazine 31B 31 June/July 2007
End of days: Exclusive interviews with Nick Brendon, Juliet Landau, Mercedez Mcnab, Mark Lutz, and many more Commemorative final issue!


Cover A Cover B Release
Yearbook 2002A Yearbook 2002B 2002
The official 2002 Buffy Yearbook: 100-page special! All-starts interviews: James Marsters, Amy Acker, J. August Richards… and more! Behind-the-scenes revelations: Exclusive look back at the making of the latest season. The complete series revealed: Your indispensable guide to Buffy & Angel so far.
Yearbook 2003A Yearbook 2003B 2003
The official 2003 Buffy Yearbook: 100-page special! Exclusive star interviews: Giles! Faith! Potentials! Loads more! Season Seven guide: Your essential companion to the final year. Villains extravaganza: Massive villains face-off, plus Glory, Dru, Adam and more!
Yearbook 2006A Yearbook 2006B 2006
The official Buffy & Angel Yearbook: 100 page special. The best of the Buffyverse: Exclusive interviews! David Boreanaz, Nick Brendon, Amy Acker & Andy Hallett. Joss Whedon: Exclusive catch up with the Buffy and Angel creator!


In 2008, Eaglemoss Publications released a Buffy/Angel DVD and magazine collection, in the United Kingdom.

In 2015, Titan Books published The Slayer Collection, a series of three books collecting reports and cast interviews from the original magazines by theme.


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