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While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #10 is the tenth issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2019) comic book series. Written by Jordie Bellaire and illustrated by David López, it will be published by Boom! Studios on December 4, 2019.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]


With Buffy in Hell, someone new has answered the call to save what's left of Sunnydale. Who is this mysterious new Slayer? And how will the new blood cope with a team made up of a newly empowered witch and a half-human, half-vampire sidekick?[1]

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Robin is trying to clear leaves out of his house's gutter when the ladder starts to tip. He falls, then someone helps him up. To his surprise, it's not his dad, but a teenage girl who calls him "Mr. Wood." Robin asks her not to call him that, since she's probably older than him, but the girl insists she should be respectful toward her Watcher.

In the wake of the Hellmouth, the girl wants action, but Robin insists that fighting is Buffy's job. She points out that Buffy isn't there and that she knows Robin wanted to be a Slayer. The Council told her about Robin's mother, she says, and they sent her to him. The girl uses a well-thrown rock to knock the last leaves from the gutter and, as she leaves, she tells Robin to make himself useful, since he's the only resource she has in this town. Robin fears he doesn't know how.

Cordelia is walking down a broken sidewalk, posting about the state of the town on her phone. She hears someone calling for help and hurries to them, only to be grabbed by a teenage boy and thrown into a cellar.

In the school library, Robin waits for Giles. He arrives as the bell rings, already in a bad mood. Robin asks to talk to him, but Giles quickly loses his temper and accuses Robin of being an inconvenience to him and to Buffy. They argue and Robin tells him that just because Giles wears a suit and tie doesn't mean they are different.

The argument is interrupted by Willow and Xander, who have been looking for Giles. Sandy is still missing and the two of them want Giles's help. When they mention that Robin was the last to be seen with Sandy, Robin takes offense, reminding them that he also tried to help people the night the Hellmouth opened. Willow brings up that Cordelia also hasn't shown up to school today, neither has posted on social media. Giles tells them to keep him updated and to go to class. Willow and Xander leave, but Robin hangs back. He accuses Giles of not telling the others what he knows about Buffy and repeats that he needs Giles's help. Giles loses his temper again and Robin insists he is going to do what Giles has failed to do.

Robin catches up to Willow and Xander, asking for more information about Cordelia. He also asks if they know where Buffy is, since he hasn't seen her since the dance. Xander feigns surprise that Robin even noticed, since he was paying so much attention to Sandy. Robin flies off the handle, implying that the two are useless without Buffy. As he storms off, he mentions that Xander and Willow should get used to the idea of Buffy not being around. Xander comments that everyone has been on edge lately. When Willow mentions that he's been moody too, Xander blames it on being a teenage vampire. Willow reveals that she and Rose broke up. Xander tells her that he supports her, whatever she wants to do.

Rose exits the school, looking glum and holding a pile of homework. When she spots Willow and Xander walking together, she remembers how much she had been looking forward to Willow meeting her dad for the first time over fall break. She thinks about how her family has moved around a lot and recalls that her dad has always been supportive, even though he doesn't yet know about her sexuality. Despite everything happening in Sunnydale, Rose feels like she has found a home here, though she misses Willow being a part of it.

Rose knocks on the door of a dark house, calling for someone named Luke. The house is in bad shape, so she goes inside, worried for him. She enters a room and is shocked to see Cordelia bound and gagged at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Rose rushes to untie her legs while Cordelia tries to get her attention. The boy who kidnapped Cordelia, Luke, is right behind Rose. Rose rips off the gag and Cordelia tries to warn her, but she's too late. Luke hits Rose over the head with a stick. She falls over and Luke recognizes her. Luke tells Rose that he's always liked her, but she's seen too much. Cordelia throws herself at Luke, knocking him into a shelf.

As Luke yells at them, Rose picks up a pair of gardening shears and tells Cordelia to call the police. Luke brandishes a hammer at the girls as Cordelia complains about listening to him whine all day about not getting a date to the dance. Luke attacks her and Rose stabs him in the shoulder with the shears. While he's distracted, Cordelia smacks him in the face with her bound hands. Rose stares at Luke as he lies on the ground, saying that she had only come by to drop off his homework. The two start to leave, but Luke grabs Rose's ankle and she falls. Before Luke can advance on her, a brick hits his head, knocking him out.

The girls turn, expecting to see Buffy. Instead, Robin stands at the top of the stairs with the young woman from earlier. She introduces herself as the new Slayer, Kendra. As she unties Cordelia's hands, Kendra declares that it is time to "get to work on this Hellmouth problem."

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer #10 was the 128th best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 15,300 sales in December 2019 at comic specialty stores.[2]

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