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Btvs Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

The Buffy Shrine was a sizable collection of objects that Spike used to compose a shrine to Buffy Summers.


After Spike became aware that he was in love with Buffy,[1] he eventually began breaking into her house to steal some of her pictures and possessions. Eventually, along with a mannequin in Buffy's likeness that he initially used as a practice dummy and later to practice asking her out on a date, he composed a large shrine to her within the tunnels underneath his crypt.

When Buffy became aware of his feelings for her,[2] she went to inform Spike that there was nothing going on between them. Upon her arrival, she was both disgusted and horrified to discover the shrine. In the ensuing scuffle with Drusilla and Harmony Kendall, Buffy, in a blind rage, punched Spike in the face with enough force that he went flying across the room and into the shrine, completely destroying it.

Spike gathered up the ruins of the shrine and took them to Warren Mears to force him to create the Buffybot for him.[3]


The items that Spike used to compose the shrine include:

  • A blond mannequin wearing a sweater belonging to Buffy
  • Numerous pictures and photographs of Buffy, including pictures drawn by Angelus[4]
  • A bloody gauze pad and bandage that Riley Finn applied to a severe stab wound that Buffy suffered[5][6]
  • Numerous stakes.