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Note: This article is about the character from Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer. For other uses, see Buffy.
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While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

I see the evidence of battles fought against a world trying to do you in, I see a body time has honored. Of course I don't think you're the girl I once knew. You're a better woman.

Buffy Anne Summers was a Slayer active until the 2030s in a universe where the sun had been nearly blotted out.[1]


Buffy was born on January 19, 1981. She was Fiesta Queen and attended Sunnydale High School,[1] having been called as the Slayer at 15 years old.[2] Buffy had a sexual relationship with Spike in her twenties, but she "ditched" him when Angel came back to her.[3] She married Angel in Los Angeles, and he eventually walked out from her.[1] At some point, the effect of the sun on Earth was dampened, and vampires became integrated into human society. A treaty kept Slayers from slaying them;[4] harming "extra-humans" was prohibited if they didn't present a significant and undeniable threat.[3]

According to a nightmare Buffy would have, in the 2020s she attended with Cordelia, Xander, and Anya a presentation where the reformed Watchers Council announced their team of Slayers would form a new guard. Buffy had come out from retirement secretly to work for them, training the new girls. The speaker explained the guardians would be scholars instead of hunters and act in defense of the entire population, including extra-humans. At that moment, a group of hooded individuals entered the stage and exploded the auditorium.[4]

Living in London in the 2030s, Buffy kept herself hidden from vampires, becoming their target whenever she was detected.[4] Slayers were banned, and she was the only one alive.[1] In her apartment, Buffy talked with a framed picture of Giles and used a UV lamp while sleeping. Buffy's friends were dead, and she trained with Anya, a vengeance demon, because her body "was made to punch demons." Anya also researched and monitored Buffy's "sudden onset of immortality": while Buffy's Slayer powers were dormant and short-out when she needed them most, she could not die, which Anya said nothing was sadder for someone with a "death wish."[4]

Walking down the streets, Buffy heard a vampire attacking a teenager. Buffy rushed to help and told the vampire he knew what she was and that she could stake him if he violated the treaty. The vampire left, and the teenager began following Buffy, introducing herself as Thessaly and asking for her burrito. Buffy attempted to leave her behind, but Thessaly called Buffy by name. Buffy shared the burrito, and Thessaly told her she thought she was a Potential Slayer and that her moms had sent her to Buffy. Buffy then recognized Thessaly's face and was surprised that Willow and Tara had a daughter,[4] having not spoken to them for thirteen years.[1]

Buffy brought Thessaly to her apartment, where they dined together, and the girl told her her mothers had been killed trying to heal the sun. Buffy understood that the best place for the Potential would be with the Council, where she would take Thessaly the next day. Thessaly said her mothers had told her Buffy was the only person she could trust, but Buffy said she was an unfit guardian and that many Potentials had died on her watch. That night, a vampire attacked the apartment, and Buffy helped Thessaly in her first slay.[1]

Buffy went to her training the next morning, and Anya told her there was a rumor some of the new Council were demons with nefarious plans. Buffy had a contact she trusted, Grace Bronswell, who agreed on taking Thessaly. However, when they entered the Council's building, they found a sired Grace and a group of vampires who attacked them. Thessaly identified them as the hooded group who killed her mothers, and she ran away with Buffy. Four witches suddenly appeared with Spike and dusted the vampires.[1]

Buffy greeted Spike with a punch, glad to finally fight a vampire properly. Thessaly went to Spike's underground hideout with the group of witches, and Spike led Buffy after the girl. Buffy initially did not trust him; she hadn't seen Spike in years, but he told her he was the only person on her side, "as usual." The witches introduced themselves to Buffy — Charlie, Wren, Mabel, and Elowen — and explained their plans of restoring the sun's powers; this time, witches would perform the spell remotely, not drawing attention with a gathering like in previous attempts.[3]

Buffy took Spike aside and asked about his motives for doing this. Spike told her that, when he had arrived in London, a group of friends offered him a drink and led him into catacombs with caged humans to feed. Spike explained that vampires never wanted equality, only gaining the humans' trust to slay them, and the coven could stop this.[3]

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