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Note: This article is about the Buffy from 2019 comic series. For other uses, see Buffy.
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While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

Buffy Anne Summers was a Slayer called in 2019 and a member of the Scooby Gang[3] in the universe without shrimp.[4]


The Scooby Gang[]

In 2019, at 16 years old, Buffy moved from Los Angeles to Sunnydale with her mother, Joyce Summers, and her mother's boyfriend, Eric. There, she began attending her senior year at Sunnydale High School. Buffy was also trained and guided by Rupert Giles, her Watcher and school librarian.

One night, while working at Tunaverse, Buffy saved fellow classmates Willow and Xander from a vampire, blowing her cover and revealing the existence of the supernatural to them in the process. Giles was disappointed on her carelessness, but Buffy insisted saving their lives was the best she could have done. Nonetheless, soon enough Buffy, Willow, and Xander began hanging out as friends,[5] and Xander created a texting group called "Scooby Gang."[3]

One night, the Camazotz had been set free, and Buffy went after him to prevent the town's destruction. While she fought him, the creature revealed his purpose of protecting the Slayer, destroying only soulless creatures, and Buffy referred to him as her Pegasus. Although, the revelation that she was the Slayer made her a target for the vampires Spike and Drusilla, but were interrupted by Willow and Xander defending her. Buffy was surprised by this, as she never had help before. After this, Giles confessed to Buffy he had been too hard on her, promised to be more helpful, and revealed he was proud of her.[6]

Buffy's new friends then became allies, training alongside her and assisting during patrols in the days that passed. They still hang out together both in and out of school, and Willow even managed a date between Buffy and Robin Wood, a student that had previously flirted with her. Although, meanwhile, Spike and Drusilla deceived Xander to meet them alone, taking advantage of his crush on Buffy, and convinced him to let Drusilla sire him.[7]

With Xander between death and demon, Buffy fought vampires until she found one that would lead her to Anyanka's secret magic shop, the Magic Box.[8] The woman lacked the Anima Colligationem, a relic capable of tethering a soul to the stone itself, but she offered Buffy a map to the object instead, in exchange for the Slayer owning her a favor.[9] With the translated map, Buffy and Willow were brought deep into a forest, where the Siphon emerged. The creature demanded a sacrifice of half a soul in exchange for the soul stone, so Willow promptly offered her own. As Buffy argued that the Siphon should have taken hers instead, the demon told her that, even though she was the Slayer, this wasn't about her: her friends had more dimension and strength than she realized.[10]

Hellmouth crisis[]

On October 28, while Buffy was at a Halloween party at Sunnydale High, Drusilla activated Sunnydale's Hellmouth.[1] With its entrance located below the school, Buffy fought off the demons escaping it, then entered the Hellmouth to stop Drusilla, accompanied by the mysterious Angel who had been at the same party.[11] There, they discovered Drusilla had been under control of the Hellmother, who needed the blood and the vessel to escape the Hellmouth and conquer the surface world.[12]

Buffy soon discovered that her fighting partner was a vampire as well[12] so she ran away from him. The Hellmother was then able to possess Angel as her vessel, while Buffy briefly met an alternative version of herself, who had failed to defeat the Hellmother alone.[13] Buffy fought the Hellmother, who needed only her blood to escape. Although, she wasn't alone anymore, as her allies of the Scooby Gang went after her into the Hellmouth, their assistance decisive in the battle against the Hellmother and her army.[14]

Despite being alive, Buffy entering the Hellmouth meant that she left the mortal plane, which caused the activation of a second Slayer. Kendra Young acted in Sunnydale during Buffy's absence, which lasted longer on the surface.[15]

Personality and traits[]

You're trying too hard, Eric. Buffy is very independent and private. You'll figure it out.
―Joyce Summers[src]

Buffy was also notably a private and defensive person, likely due to her secrecy as the Slayer. Willow and Xander were Buffy's first friends in Sunnydale,[5] even though she met them only a month already in town. When Robin approached her, she displayed being unsettled by his praises, and annoyance when she tough he'd ask for her phone number;[3] although, she was visibly embarrassed when he accept going on a date with her.[7] Buffy was also surprised when Willow and Xander helped her in battle, declaring she never had help before.[6] For some time, Buffy was only able to share awkward glances in the school hall with Rose, Willow's girlfriend, since she wasn't part of her Slayer secrecy.[7] Buffy and her friends were also labeled as "too weird" for Cordelia, despite Miss Sunnydale's efforts to be nice and friendly to everyone in town.[6]

Buffy sometimes displayed some insecurity about her performance as the Slayer, like when Spike criticized her for not being as "respectable" and "independent" as past Slayers.[6] Although, Buffy would always stand for what she tough was right despite her Watcher's reprimands. As example of this, she responded Giles' disappointment on her blowing her cover telling him that saving two lives was good enough and she was already doing her best, calling out his "soul crushing pressure to overachieve."[5] Indeed, her declarations made Giles eventually apologize and reveal he was proud of her.[6]

Additionally, Buffy had a frequent sarcasm and ironic sense of humor. As example of this, she warned her co-worker she needed her break "before I throw myself into a fryer";[5] told Eric "Oh gosh, I'd love to have more of this awkward time with you";[3] and answered Giles' heartfelt words with a grimace and the joke: "Too much sincerity — cannot handle."[6]

Powers and abilities[]

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As a Slayer, Buffy possessed superhuman strength, speed, healing factor, and endurance. These abilities were particularly noted by her physical education teacher, who praised her effortless running in comparison to other students.[3] She also displayed a great deal of combat prowess in fighting vampires.[8]




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