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So you ever think about not celebrating your birthday? Just to try it, I mean?

Buffy Summers' birthday was an event in January 19th[1][2] and she was born in 1981.[3] Notably, since her arrival in Sunnydale, most of Buffy Summers' birthday celebrations were followed by undesirable supernatural events.[1][4][5][6][7]

The date was shared with Drusilla's birthday.[1]


In 1998, the Scooby Gang held a surprise party for Buffy's 17th birthday at the Bronze, but was interrupted by the impending threat of the Judge.[1] Meanwhile, a moment of perfect happiness with Buffy caused her boyfriend Angel to lost his soul and return to his evil persona "Angelus."[8]

In 1999, Buffy's father Hank Summers broke their tradition of going together to watch the Ice Capades. Completing 18 years old, she was stripped of her Slayer powers in preparation for the Tento di Cruciamentum, which ended up causing her mother Joyce Summers' to be kidnapped by Zachary Kralik. Rupert Giles, revealing the nature of the test to Buffy, was fired from the Watchers Council.[4]

In 2000, after her 19th birthday party, Giles was transmogrified into a Fyarl demon by Ethan Rayne, causing Buffy to stab and almost kill him in mistake.[5]

In 2001, her sister Dawn Summers discovered her origin as the Key, and had a subsequent identity crisis during Buffy's 20th birthday party. Dawn ran away and faced Glorificus, having to be defended by the Scooby Gang.[6]

In 2002, all of the participants of Buffy's 21st birthday party, including anyone else who entered the house, was trapped inside the Summers residence by Dawn' unwitting wish to Halfrek. Spike suggested Buffy to commemorate her birthday anymore to avoid these undesirable supernatural events.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Whenever Buffy's birthday was celebrated on-screen, it was always during the twelfth ("Helpless," "A New Man"), thirteenth ("Surprise," "Blood Ties"), or fourteenth ("Older and Far Away") episode of the season.
  • In "I Robot, You Jane," an online school profile of Buffy originally states that her birthday is October 24, 1980. Then, in the same episode, the report states her birthday is May 6, 1979. A probable continuity error, the demon messing with the computer files at the time could explain the discrepancy.
  • In "Doomed," Buffy claimed to be "Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius," which implies her birthday was somewhere between January 17th and 23rd.
  • The comic issue Love Dares You, Part One had a special cover celebrating Buffy's birthday, which took place two days before its publishing.
  • Buffy's birthday is famously shared with the singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, co-founder of one of Buffy's production company Sandollar Productions.