Bub was an Anharrans demon and friend of Xander Harris, Dawn Summers, and Rancidus.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bub tried to attack Xander with his axe when he and Dawn were stuck on his native dimension Anharra. Fearing Dawn's god-like powers, he then promised to show them what to eat, and apologized for his difficulty controlling his urges. Dawn protected him and other locals from "the devouring rain," and he explained their struggle on living in temporary shelters soon consumed by the acid rain. Xander asked why didn't they made slanted roofs, so it would run off, for which Bub expressed curiosity.[1]

While seeing the result of slanted roofs in the rain, Bub praised Xander as a lord. The local demons were constructing appropriate shelters, but Bub attacked Rancidus for not making him a bay window, demanding that he'd be flayed alive. Xander intervened and Bub claimed he wouldn't understand due to cultural reasons. Xander, based on his own experiences, talked about anger as a masking emotion, and Bub confessed his insecurity. Feeling ashamed, he started to cry, and Xander asked a round of applause for Bub's bravery in sharing it, inspiring others to share their own feelings too.[1]

Xander and Dawn showed the local demons earthly media: Bub was the narrator in a play adapting The Princess Bride[1], and cheered for the character Joffrey while watching TV. The demons had a natural ability to tune in to Earth, so they could tempt people to do bad things, so Xander suggested they focus on pay-TV signals instead.[2]

When Lilah Morgan attempt to convince Dawn to make a partnership with Wolfram & Hart, Bub said her scar barely improved her overall ugliness, so her charms wouldn't persuade them.[2] Bub and Rancidus escorted Xander and Dawn in their journey through the various dimensions in search of Earth. Bub ended up staying at the dimension of Bodaceia, a world that had lost all men and needed help repopulating.[3]

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