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The Brooks family passed down a Sunnydale High School letterman jacket. It carried a love spell that affected women to fall in love with whoever was wearing it, powerful enough to influence those who were not attracted to men otherwise.[1]


Lance and R.J. Brooks' father met their mother wearing the jacket. He eventually gave it to his older son, Lance, and "made a big deal about it." Lance wore it all the way through high school and, after his graduation, gave it to his younger brother R.J. According to Lance, R.J. had been into "geek stuff" until he became popular at school.[1]

The jacket's spell made Dawn, Buffy, Willow, and Anya fall in love with him, resulting in a four-way competition amongst them, each vying to prove her love for R.J. exceeded the others'. Under its influence, Dawn pushed R.J.'s rival O'Donnell down a flight of stairs and tried to kill herself on a railroad track to show how much she loved him. In a competition for R.J.'s love, Buffy tried to kill Principal Robin Wood due to R.J.'s issues with him, Willow tried to transform him into a woman to make him fit her sexual preference, and Anya robbed a bank.[1]

Spike and Xander investigated Lance in the Brooks residence and learned of the powers of the jacket. They stole it from R.J. and burned it, thus ending its influence over the girls.[1]



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