The jacket

The Brooks letterman jacket was a Sunnydale High School varsity jacket worn by the males of the Brooks family, being passed down to R.J. Brooks around the time of the school's reopening in 2002. It carried a love spell that made Dawn Summers, Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, and Anya Jenkins fall in love with him. As a result, Dawn pushed R.J.’s rival down a flight of stairs and tried to kill herself on a railroad track to show how much she loved him (even if she couldn’t compete with the older women), Buffy tried to kill Robin Wood due to R.J.’s issues with him, Willow tried to transform him into a woman to make him fit her sexual preference and Anya robbed a bank.

Spike and Xander Harris investigated Lance Brooks, R.J.’s older brother, and learned of the powers of the jacket. They stole it from R.J. and burned it — thus ending its influence over the girls. (When asked if he had been tempted to try it on, Xander rejected the idea, jokingly noting that the primary reason was that the jacket didn’t fit.)


  • It’s unknown why only a small portion of Sunnydale’s females fell under the jacket’s influence since R.J. appeared to wear it around wherever he went (though the exact requirements to be met for the person to be affected are unknown)


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