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The Bronze

Exterior of The Bronze

The Bronze. It’s the only club worth going to around here. They let anybody in, but it’s still the scene. It’s in the bad part of town.
Cordelia Chase[src]
I can't believe you've never been here. The Bronze is the coolest place in Sunnydale. Course, not a lot of competition there… I think the vending machine at Burgin's came in second. -You used to come here a lot ? -Lived here. Me, Xander and…Buffy…
―Willow to Tara[src]

The Bronze was a nightclub in Sunnydale, pretty much the most popular one. It was located in the "bad part" of Sunnydale, located by the shipping docks and railroad tracks.

Though the Bronze allowed minors inside, it did not serve alcoholic drinks to them. The Bronze also hosted a yearly "Fumigation Party", in which captured and/or killed cockroaches could be exchanged for free drinks.[1]

Prominent Events


  • The Order of Aurelius used this place as a feeding ground to the Vessel. Several humans and vampires were killed at this event. [2]
  • Buffy flirting and dancing with Owen Thurman. Cordelia meeting Angel for the first time.
  • Thinking that he had attacked her mother, Buffy fight against Angel before to explaining the situation. The real ennemy, Darla, Angel's sire , tried to kill Buffy before to be dusted by Angel.
  • Cordelia Chase and Buffy Summers were taken hostage by Marcie Ross.[3]
  • Buffy, Willow and Xander met Spike for the first time, in one of the nearby alley ways where he observed her fighting ability.[4]
  • The Bronze was the host to the World Culture Dance, which involved Sunnydale High students and their foreign exchange partners who dressed in the attire of various cultures. It was here that an Inca Princess dated Xander Harris and almost sucked his and Jonathan Levinson's lifeforce.[5]


  • Buffy's 17th birthday party was hosted there, though it was never properly celebrated due to Spike's attempt to reawaken the Judge.[6]
  • The Bronze was attacked by Oz when he was in his wolf transformation cycle.[7]
  • During Valentines Day, which the Bronze made special decorations for, Cordelia Chase received a gold heart necklace as a gift from Xander before dumping him.[8]
  • Buffy met fellow Slayer, Faith, in one of the nearby alley ways where she lured and killed a vampire.[9]
  • The Bronze became the site of many adults partying after they were mentally reduced to teenagers because of magic band candy.[10]
  • After surprises Willow and Xander kissing, a deprimed Oz plays guitar at the Bronze during its closure.



  • Willow and her girlfriend Tara, both witches, romantically dance while levitating during Tara's 20th birthday.[14]


Buffy514 bronze

The New Bronze

  • Olaf the Troll entered the Bronze after smelling what he thought was ale. When Willow and Buffy were unsuccessful in dispatching him, he destroyed the interior of the club by smashing several pillars holding up the upper level with his hammer, injuring several patrons. [15]
  • A month after the troll incident, the Bronze was reopened, though the bar price was increased because the club's insurance didn't cover an "act of troll". [16]
  • Drusilla and Spike celebrate their reunion by draining a young couple. [16]
  • The musical demon Sweet used the Bronze as his lair during his short tenure in Sunnydale.[17]
  • Willow and Amy Madison began playfully altering reality such as turning the male performers into women, creating sheep, making two homophobic men cage dance, etc.[18]


  • Orb-enhanced Warren hit on a former schoolmate's girlfriend, and when the boyfriend stepped in, Warren fought him off and several others with ease. Xander tried to intervene, but got tossed aside.[19]
  • Spike, manipulated by The First, seduced and sired many female patrons, one of which was called Charlotte. [20]


  • Willow and Kennedy flirts for the first time.
  • Faith took the potential slayers out to the Bronze under her guardianship, but had a run in with the Sunnydale police since she broke out of jail.[21]

It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale by following the Battle at the Hellmouth.


Behind the Scenes

  • Of 144 episodes of the series, 66 have at least one scene at the Bronze, not including its appearance in the Unaired Buffy pilot. The shooting location of The Bronze was at the Buffy studio lot in Santa Monica, California.
  • As the lead characters of Buffy were in high school during the first three seasons, the Bronze was depicted primarily as a coffee bar that hosts live music and serves as a nightclub. By season three, it became clear that the Bronze has a liquor license,[22] although the main characters were still usually seen drinking soda, cappuccinos or hot chocolate.[23]
  • The Bronze seems to have an unlimited refurbishment and furniture-replacement budget and, throughout all seven seasons of Buffy, serves as the venue for most night-time social settings. It also seems to have self-repairing capabilities (like the Sunnydale High) since major damage is completely repaired by the next episode. 
  • A major renovation was done to the set after "Triangle".



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