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Brita Kessler was a girl from Munich who became the Slayer in 1923. Her Watcher was Frederich Lichtermann.


Britta was identified as a Potential Slayer in 1921 and trained by Frederich Lichtermann, who had fought alongside Britta's father in World War I. However, during her training she never faced a vampire or demon. She became the Slayer on November 8, 1923, causing a great deal of fear in Britta, who made Lichterman swear she would not die alone.

The next day, Britta and Frederich attended the screening and filming of the final scene of a movie at the residence of Herr Sahr. However, Sahr and his crew were a pack of vampires, who sought to film the deaths of Britta, Lichterman and the rest of the people invited. Britta managed to release the rest of the prisoners, but was subdued by the vampires. Lichterman, fearful of death, abandoned his Slayer and escaped, leaving her to be sired.

The next day, Lichterman ventured to the Kessler family mausoleum, intending to slay Britta. However, he was locked inside the mausoleum by Sahr's vampires, where he was killed by the newly-risen Britta.

Behind the Scenes

  • The fact that she was sired contradicts what was known about Yuki Makimura, who was said to be the only Slayer erased of the Slayer line as she was the only one who was sired.


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