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Britta Kessler was Slayer active for two days in 1923, Germany, when she was turned into a vampire.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Britta was identified as a Potential Slayer in 1921 and trained by Frederich Lichtermann, who had fought alongside Britta's father in World War I. However, during her training she never faced a vampire or demon. She became the Slayer on November 7, 1923, at seventeen years old, the new powers causing great excitement in her. However, thinking about the previous Slayer, Britta made her Watcher swear she would not die alone.

The following night, Britta and Frederich attended a motion picture party of a new horror movie, Silent Screams. However, the director Erich Sahr and his crew were a pack of vampires, who sought to kill their attendees as the last scene for the film. After staking her first vampires, Britta managed to release the rest of the audience, but was subdued by the vampires, who at this point had identified her as the Slayer. Lichterman, fearful of death, abandoned his Slayer and escaped, despite her pleas to not be left to die alone.

The next day, Lichterman ventured to the Kessler family mausoleum, intending to stake Britta before she'd wake up. However, he was locked inside the mausoleum by Sahr, to be filmed while hunted by the newly-risen Britta.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Britta inherited her father's red hair, freckles, tall and slender build, and green eyes. She was described as having "striking features", her Watcher having seen "several boys her age turn their heads to watch her as she passed by."[1]

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Preceded by:
unknown, eventually Ardita O'Reilly
The Slayer
November 7–8, 1923
Succeeded by:
unknown, eventually unidentified
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