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Bric & Broc was an abandoned factory located in Sunnydale. It had been used as their vampire lair by members of the Order of Aurelius[1] then the Whirlwind, eventually destroyed in a fire.[2]


The Order of Aurelius[]

After the death of the Master in 1997, the Order of Aurelius took up residence at the abandoned Bric & Broc factory. They used the place as a setting for their attempt at the revivification ritual, which was unsuccessful and resulted in the death of five of their members at the hands of Buffy Summers.[1]

Spike, Drusilla, and Angel[]

Spike and Drusilla then took over the building after killing the Anointed One.[3] The two vampires stayed in a single bedroom, containing a double bed and some of Drusilla's various belongings, such as porcelain dolls, a television, and chains. During their stay, Drusilla herself tortured a chained Angel in their room.[4] A long table was also placed in the main hall. The building was maintained in external security by Spike's minions, although the vampire commented it must be poor for allowing Billy Fordham to enter freely and unarmed.[5]

During Drusilla's birthday in 1998, the factory was fully decorated with red velvet and specially arranged roses. When Spike attempted to feed Buffy to the Judge, Angel created a hole to escape out of by dropping the hanging monitors from the ceiling. This hole led to the sewers.[6]

After apparently repairing the hole, Angel joined Spike and Drusilla at the factory after the loss of his soul.[7]


Giles destroyed the building when he went on a rampage to avenge Jenny's death, employing a flaming baseball bat to set fire to the table and beat Angel several times. As Angel overcame Giles' attempts and Buffy intervened, the factory was already engulfed in flames, forcing Buffy and Giles to evacuate.[2] With its destruction, Spike, Angel, and Drusilla searched for a new lair, and moved to the Crawford Street mansion.[8]

When Spike returned to Sunnydale, he used the factory to hold Willow and Xander hostage. The factory still largely had its foundations, though most of the things inside were immolated, including Drusilla's dolls, and the building was in danger of collapsing, as Cordelia became impaled by a piece of broken rebar after the floor beneath her gave way.[9]

It was presumably destroyed in 2003 along with the rest of Sunnydale, following the battle at the Hellmouth.[10]



Set designs and sketches[]


Behind the scenes[]

  • The Bric & Broc factory features as one of the levels during the video game Chaos Bleeds, as the alternative universe blood factory. The player controls both Xander and Willow, and must rescue humans being held prisoner by vampires. 
  • The factory's ceiling seeing throughout Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2 is the studio's actual ceiling.[citation needed] 




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