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Brewster was a student at Sunnydale High School and a possession victim of Amarkax.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In June 2019, Brewster had been chatting with a stranger online, and was beginning to have feelings for the young man, who was in reality the demon Amarkax. He sent her a picture of himself that made her act under his influence and, possessed, she was sent to kill Winifred Burkle, a patient in Hedge Grove hospital where Brewster volunteered twice a week.[1]

Angel appeared and fought Brewster off, who became herself again after he used a balloon of holy water on her.[2]

A previous victim of Amarkax, Julia, had not survived his possession. Brewster did not know her well but they studied at the same school. While her friends agreed on going to Julia's funeral, Brewster refused, and they understood that funerals were hard for her because of her mother.[1]

Despite Brewster's survival, the girl was included in Angel's visions when entering the Hellmouth of people for whom he felt guilt and regret "for the lives [they] didn't get to live," manifested by the change demon Ulfreth in attempt to feed on his fears.[3]

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