Sometimes you've just got to let go. That's what they say anyway. I don't suppose I'd be much of a copper if I let things go.

Inspector Brandt was a member of the City of London Police. He took particular interest in the supernatural ghetto of Magic Town.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Thing is I used to walk a beat around here, didn't I? Now I can't. The higher-ups say pull out of Magic Town. Let it police itself. That's what I mean about not letting go, I guess. There are my streets and I don't like being told otherwise.

Early in his career as a London police officer, Brandt patrolled the district of Hackney. Following the release of a magical plague which transformed many Hackney residents into supernatural creatures, law officials pulled out of the area, preferring to let the newly-christened ghetto "Magic Town" police itself. However, Brandt felt a personal responsibility to the area and sought out the help of Angel, who had become the unofficial sheriff of Magic Town. He provided Angel with information concerning local criminal Corky Smallwood, who had been transformed into a pixie by the plague. He help Angel to resolve cases concerning the Evolved Vampire Parnell and the Witch Amy Madison, since Faith Lehane and Winifred Burkle concerning murders in St. Cuthbert's School, caused by Drusilla. Unfortunately, Brandt, along with some other cops of his precinct, were later turned into vampires at Drusilla's and Archaeus' behalf, to set a trap for Angel. After his betrayal was discovered, he was dusted by Faith.

Appeareances[edit | edit source]

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