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Bradley Scott: “Kill...
Lindsey McDonald: “Kill who? Who do you want to kill?
Bradley Scott: “Kill... me... Please...
— Bradley Scott and Lindsey McDonald[src]

Bradley "Brad" Scott was a former Wolfram & Hart employee before being sent to prison.


Oh God... I know him. I didn't get the name before. We worked in the mail room together.
―Lindsey to Angel[src]

Bradley Scott once worked at the mailroom of Wolfram & Hart's Los Angeles Branch, where he met then fellow mailboy Lindsey McDonald. However, he was charged with embezzlement for selling bearer bonds on the black market, declared guilty, and sent to Soledad Correctional Training Facility where he served for two years.

After being paroled, Scott mysteriously disappeared. Sam, a corrupt parole officer, took Scott to Southern California Travel, a cover for the human organ bank kept by Fairfield Clinic and Wolfram & Hart. Brad was kept alive through technology and the blessing of a Pockla demon so that his organs and body parts could be used by Fairfield Clinic, who took one of his legs, ears, and hands (with the latter going to Lindsey himself). Due to the mystical nature of the organ transplant, Scott kept a psychic link with his hand, which began to express Scott's desire to be killed.

After Lindsey and Angel discovered the organ bank, Bradley begged Lindsey to kill him, which Lindsey did by unplugging the machines keeping Bradley alive.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Steve DeRellian.