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Lilah Morgan: “You let him go? Why?
Boone: “Sun came up. Would've been too easy. You people know anything about honor?
Lilah Morgan and Boone[src]

Boone was a humanoid demon of an unknown species and an old rival of Angel. The two had met in Juarez in the 1920's, and fought over a woman while Boone was hung over. However, the fight was stopped because of sunlight, and Boone's sense of honor prevented him from taking advantage of that. Boone was left with the doubt of who would win in an evenly matched fight.

Decades later, the two met again and teamed in order to humiliate Lindsey McDonald and Lilah Morgan of Wolfram & Hart. Boone offered the two lawyers his services as an assassin, and even though he told them he had no interest in money and that he held no real grudge against Angel, neither Lilah nor Lindsey suspected Boone was actually in league with his supposed target.

During the Highway Robbery Ball, Boone helped Angel infiltrate the fundraiser's premises despite the presence of vampire detector Zorn. Angel and Boone pretended to fight while Anne Steele played a tape that was supposed to incriminate Wolfram & Hart's plot to steal most of the fundraiser's money. However, the tape was nothing more than a distraction: Angel just wanted to mess with Lindsey and Lilah, using Anne in the process. Meanwhile, as the tape was played and every attendant was distracted, Boone took all the money raised (two million dollars) himself.

With Boone gone from the party, Angel seemingly had seen the last of the demon. However, Boone still wanted to know who was the best warrior. In the ensuing fight, Angel proved himself as the better fighter, defeating Boone and getting the money, which he donated to the East Hills Teen Center. Whether or not Angel killed Boone in the fight is unknown.

Physiology and Powers[]

Boone was tall and muscular. He had a blue wrinkled skin and black marks around his eyes.

Boone possessed the ability to radiate coils of metallic material that wrapped around his fists, thereby making his attacks even more destructive. He also possessed superhuman strength and endurance. His demon physiology also made him immune to aging.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Mark Rolston.