Very powerful works, and I am not talking about the prose. They deal with some dark stuff, and the Mayor would hate it if someone got ahold of them before he... you know.

The Books of Ascension were a five-volume collection of books that held vital information on the process to achieve Ascension.


The original editions of the Books of Ascension were obtained by a demon called Skyler. In 1999, he sought to sell them to Slayers Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane for five thousand dollars. However, before Buffy could obtain the books, Skyler was murdered by Faith and the books were taken to her secret employer, Mayor Richard Wilkins.[1]

While a prisoner at Sunnydale City Hall, Willow Rosenberg found the Books of Ascension and, though unable to read them, managed to rip out a few pages, which she later gave to Rupert Giles for research.[2] Prior to this, the books had been described as "in great condition," save for "a little worn on one spine" and "some slight foxing."[1]



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