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We're fusing together like the cells of a single body. They're my eyes, my skin, my limbs, and, if need be, my fists.

The Body Jasmine was a term Jasmine used to refer to the collective of people under her psychic thrall. They were also referred to as "Jasmaniacs".

As Jasmine's power grew so did her connection with her followers, who became extensions of her will. This connection first manifests through Jasmine's powerful hypnotic influence which creates an intense feeling of love and loyalty towards her. The will of anyone who sees Jasmine or hears her voice is supplanted with an overwhelming need to please and serve her. The connection to the Body Jasmine can be formed simply by seeing her face on a video or hearing a recording of her voice. Evil demons (e.g. vampires) were immune to Jasmines control. The fact that Angel could be controlled suggested that it was based on an influence she had over a person’s soul. Over time the minds of Jasmine and her followers conjoined to become a hive mind like connection, with Jasmine acting as the origin, able to communicate her wants and needs wordlessly to her followers and her followers able to telepathically communicate and share knowledge with each other. Over time her connection with her followers allowed her to see through their eyes, feel what they felt and even speak through them. In addition to this, Jasmine would also receive any physical harm that was dealt to those in the Body Jasmine that she was actively telepathically engaged with. The damage she received, however, was minimal in comparison and generally healed incredibly fast, moments after manifesting on her body. Jasmine influenced the evolution of the species she enthralled in the previous dimension she conquered, suggesting that once the connection within the Body Jasmine grew to a certain point she could influence the development and evolution of all connected to her. Perhaps this was how she was able to promise Angel that the evil within him (Angelus) would eventually be banished. The control and connection Jasmine formed required her to feed on humans almost daily. The more humans she wished to absorb into the Body Jasmine the more energy it required, therefore the more humans she needed to consume. While feeding on humans she would temporarily be unable to telepathically connect with her followers but they were never released from her mass hypnosis. There where only 2 ways to be freed from the Body Jasmine; the first was for the blood of Jasmine or Cordelia Chase to be introduced into the blood stream, the second was for Jasmine's true name, unpronounceable by human tongues, to be spoken in her presence, breaking the hypnosis and dissolving the connection. Individuals freed from the Body Jasmine experience a strong sadness and depression, devastated at the loss of the overwhelming love, tranquility and connection they once reveled in.