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Blood of Carthage was a demon cult that occupied the city of Carthage in 149 B.C.E., eventually becoming a group that watched over the imprisonment of the Old One Ky-Laag in Sunnydale.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 149 B.C.E., the Blood of Carthage was building an empire to replace the current human one. Rome had defeated Carthage's human leaders and stolen away her power, which favored the Blood of Carthage to make the city theirs. The human general Scipio Armilianus denounced the demons' growing power to senator Cato, who then sent him to destroy Carthage.[1]

The war waged for four years, until general Scipio, a sorcerer, sought other measures when the military means didn't prove to be enough. He called upon Ky-Laag. The Old One expunged the demons from Carthage, but he had no master, so he also threatened the humans. It was only a matter of time until the Blood of Carthage developed the proper magic to trap Ky-Laag, burying him beneath the African sands.[1]

Their leader, Vraka, worried that the Old One would be discovered, so in the 12th century they moved Ky-Laag to the farthest shore of the undiscovered continent, where it would eventually become Sunnydale. Vraka made general Scipio his slave through magic and fear, the made him a sentinel to watch over the burial site. Every ten years, one of his servants of the Blood of Carthage would check on Scipio in Sunnydale and allow him to hunt for sustenance.[1]

In late 19th century, the Blood of Carthage fought for control of Venice for years against the powerful enemy group of the Strides. Vraka gathered the Blood of Carthage to propose the use of the Spells of Hammurabi in their war, but the book disappeared. Spike appeared and claimed that he'd return the book if they helped him rescue Drusilla from the Strides.[2] In truth, Spike never had the book and had only heard a demon talking about he stole it. Vraka accepted, but intended to have the couple killed as soon as the book would be on his hands again. Spike ran away with Dru while the Blood of Carthage was still fighting the Strides, claiming that the deal was off because Drusilla freed herself. Without the book, the Blood of Carthage suffered many deaths and fled Venice.[3]

In early 2000, Scipio caused a car accident near Sunnydale's quarry, which was reported as an attack by the urban legend "Mad Jack." Willy's Alibi Room bar suffered an attack in the same day, so Buffy Summers went to investigate the creature. She found him in the historical quarryhouse, where Scipio attacked the Slayer, so she beheaded him. With the guardian dead, Xerxes the Blind called for Vraka to assemble the Blood of Carthage in Sunnydale.[4] Buffy soon learned that the deaths she attributed were in reality Xiu and her twin sister,[2] who had been killing any demon that attempted to free Ky-Laag.[5]

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