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Blessed by the knight who first slew the Demon. If all else fails, this might stop it. I think.
Kendra Young[src]

Kendra revealing the blessed sword to the Scooby Gang.

The "Blessed Sword" was a sword blessed by the knight who first slew the demon Acathla.


The sword eventually made its way into the hands of the Watchers' Council in 1998. Zabuto handed it to his slayer Kendra Young, who, in turn, gave it to Buffy Summers, hoping it would be capable of slaying Acathla once again in case the demon was awakened. After Kendra's death, Buffy took it from the crime scene (the police having not found it) and took it with her during her raid on Angelus' mansion, who planned on awakening Acathla by removing another mystical sword from the demon's body that kept it dormant. Angelus managed to do so leading to big sword fight between him and Buffy, climaxing until Acathla opened the portal to a hell dimension and Angelus' re-ensoulment into Angel. Needing both the sword and Angel's blood to close the portal, Buffy ran the blessed sword through Angel's chest and into Acathla, closing the portal.

Behind the Scenes

  • This sword appears in the serial novel The Lost Slayer where Buffy uses it in an alternate future during her battle with a vampire Giles and his army of minions. She later uses it in the present against Camazotz. However, this novel is not considered canon.
  • The screen used sword is of the classic Spanish type called "El Cid" and the handle size is "One Handed".
  • The screen used "Blessed" Sword was constructed by Tony Swatton and for years was available to rent until Swatton sold the rights to the sword to Factory X and the original "disappeared" from Tony's Shop. Factory X went on to produce what they called "duplicates" of the screen used Blessed Sword that looked nothing like the original.


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