Hey, nothing wrong with an aggressive female.
―Blayne Moll[src]

Blayne Moll was a Sunnydale High student.


Like all the boys in biology class, Blayne was quite taken with the beautiful substitute teacher. After Ms. French said that the female praying mantis was quite aggressive, he turned to Buffy and remarked confidentially in a casual tone that, in his view, there was nothing wrong with an aggressive female. 

Blayne was the first boy to eagerly assist Ms. French in making model egg sacs for the science fair. However, it turned out Ms. French was actually a giant praying mantis called the 'She-Mantis', bent on mating with young virgin males. Blayne was trapped in her basement, where he was joined by Xander the following day; he explained to him how she would force others to mate with her. Buffy eventually rescued them both, when they discovered that the She-Mantis only attacked pure, virgin boys. Denying he was a virgin, Blayne claimed his father was a lawyer and that he'd sue if anyone spoke of what happened.

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  • He was portrayed by Price Jackson.

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