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Kralik. Your pills. Open your mouth.

Blair was an employee of the Watchers Council who was guarding Zachary Kralik, the vampire to be used for Buffy Summers' Cruciamentum. However, Kralik managed to break free one of his arms and got Blair to come close to him, enough to grab the man and turn him into a vampire.

After raising as a vampire, Blair broke Kralik free and together killed and fed on Blair's fellow Council employee, Hobson.

Blair II

Blair just after becoming a vampire.

Buffy fought Blair and incapacitated him, but did not stake him before she went on to fight Kralik. Rupert Giles fought and staked Blair once Kralik had been defeated.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Dominic Keating.
  • Blair was one of the few characters whom we see transform from a human to a vampire onscreen.