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Rupert Giles[src]

Giles trapping Willow in a binding field.

A Binding Field Spell was a spell that would contain the target - and his/her powers in case of magical targets - within an energy field. The caster employed the latin word "Vincire" and a green energy ring would emerge from his/her hand and be projected in a straight line.

Giles casting the spell.

The victim was also rendered temporarily in stasis after a matter of seconds. Even if the target managed to regain conscience, he/she would still be unable to speak or perform magic. However, powerful enough prisoners would still be able to project his/her thoughts.

Rupert Giles, empowered by the Devon Coven, employed this spell against Willow Rosenberg on May 2002. Willow managed to break free of the spell by influencing the mind of Anyanka, and would later block Giles' second attempt to bind her with using a powerful counter spell.