Billy Rage's alter ego

Billy Rage was a rockstar as well as a demon who fed on the adoration of young women. He was stranded on earth after Buffy broke the Seed of Wonder. As a demon, he was large and muscular with dark pink skin and a beak. He was able to take on the appearance of a Caucasian male.

He thought himself to be a bigger star than he really was, filling mid-sized halls along the American coast. He hired Deepscan to protect him because he thought attractive bodyguards were good for his image. 

Faith and Mai were sent to keep unwanted people away from him and make sure he'd make it into the limo after the concert without vomiting on himself. After playing at the Seaside Hall, Rage planned on bringing Peggy with him to the band's hotel room. Peggy's father, however, attacked Rage, saying his daughter was underage. Rage transformed into his demon form to protect himself. Faith, not having read Rage's file and thus unaware that he was a demon, attacked Rage and tried to kill him, but was stopped by Kennedy. Kennedy did quickly clarified that she had been unaware that he was preying on underage girls.

After the situation was diffused Rage fired the Deepscan Slayers on the spot.


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