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The world is spinning. Straight, to the new day. Big day, big big day...
Tara Maclay[src]

Big Day was the term used by the victims of Glorificus to refer to the mystical alignment that allowed a ritual to shatter the barriers between dimensions using the Key.[1]


Glory intended to use Dawn's blood to be able to return to her home dimension. The ritual was enacted on a night of May 2001 in a spot in the air reached by the Tower built by Glory's victims. The attempt would not work in any other place or time.[1]

Even though Glory was defeated before the time for the ritual, Doc successfully opened the portal with shallow cuts on Dawn's arms. With her blood spilled and continuously flowing within her, other dimensions began to alter Sunnydale with visions of demons and destruction. Dawn moved to jump into her death so the portal would close again, but Buffy sacrificed herself in her place, as the two shared the same blood.[1]