Betta George was a Splenden Beast, a giant floating, telepathic fish with psychic powers, and member of Team Spike.


Fall of Los AngelesEdit

George was one of many people who were transported to a hell dimension along with the entire city of Los Angeles by the Senior Partners, where he was captured by Kr'ph, the Demon Lord of Westwood, and forced to use his powers to make Kr'ph's human slaves kill each other in gladiatorial fights. However, Kr'ph was killed by the vampire Charles Gunn, who then kidnapped Betta George. Gunn used George's skills to allow himself to train against captive Slayers.

When George, freed, was reunited with Spike and introduced to Angel, he was the one to inform the team of an enraged Illyria's motives and plans for destruction. Angel instructed George to fill Illyria's mind with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Spike's memories of Winifred Burkle, leaving a stunned Illyria to be defeated by a demon army serving the Senior Partners.[1]

George became a member of the newly reformed Angel Investigations after time was reset before the Fall of Los Angeles.[2] Shortly after, George joined Team Spike in Las Vegas.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Betta George transfers Wesley and Spike's memories of Fred...
  • Illyria.

George has the power of Telepathy, he has displayed great control over his ability showing us the skill to read people's thoughts, mentally freeze people in their paths, communicating with people over vast distances, transferring memories from one's mind to another and he can make himself look like whatever it is people want to see. His telepathic powers can even affect vampires, who are normally immune to psychic penetration.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Betta George was co-created by Brian Lynch, who based him on his own pet[4].
  • Lynch said he wrote George as an audience surrogate: "He's supposed to be the most normal character. Because I know that if you have a talking fish hanging out with everyone's favorite characters, people are going to not like him immediately. Because he could be Jar Jar very easily. So I try to make him the nicest, most normal character, and the one who would react like the audience would react."
  • Lynch also denies that Betta George speaks in any particular accent, but advises readers to hear him in their own accent, to help them identify with him.




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