You don't care the slightest bitty bit about your family, do you? Your dad's been worried sick about you every day since you've been gone. There's a, a house that needs taking care of... Donny and your dad having to do for themselves while you're down here living god knows what kind of lifestyle.
―Beth Maclay[src]

Beth Maclay was Tara Maclay's exceptionally traditional cousin on her father's side. Around Tara's twentieth birthday, she came to Sunnydale with Tara's father and brother to try to persuade Tara to return home with them. Tara refused and Beth and her family returned home, leaving Tara with her friends in Sunnydale.

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Beth, along with her uncle Mr. Maclay and her cousin Donald Maclay, come to Sunnydale to celebrate Tara's twentieth birthday, even though she doesn't want her family there. Mr. Maclay invites Tara, who hesitantly agrees to. However, she misses the dinner and apologises to Beth, who she finds in the campus of UC Sunnydale. Tara tells Beth that she doesn't want to go home, in which Beth reacts angrily. Beth tells Tara that she is being selfish and that she is leaving her father and brother to look after themselves. Beth then finds out that Tara performed a spell on her friends so that they couldn't see her 'demon side'. Beth scorns Tara for this and then later tells Tara's father about it. Beth also says to Tara if she doesn't tell her friends about her demon side, she will tell them herself. When Beth, her uncle and her cousin arrive at the Magic Box, they are horrified to see the corpses of the Lei-Ach Demons. Mr. Maclay then tells everyone about Tara's demon side. Willow is upset that Tara didn't tell her about it. They then attempt to force Tara to come home, but Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Giles, Xander and Anya defend her. Spike then reveals that Tara isn't a demon by punching her in the nose, causing the chip in his head to give him intense neurological pain. Tara says to Beth, her brother and her father that she is staying with her friends. When the Maclays leave, Beth is furious with Tara for abandoning her biological family.

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