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How 'bout I leave you over at Crowley's house, and you can play with those spooky doodads that you like.
―Nikki Wood to Robin[src]

Bernard Crowley was the Watcher of Slayer Nikki Wood, active in New York City in the 1970s.[1]


Crowley appeared to be closer to Nikki than typical Watchers were to their Slayers, as he vocally objected to her being forced to undergo the Tento di Cruciamentum while pregnant. He made arrangements for her to leave her post as Slayer and hide out with her son, Robin, determined to handle the Watchers Council himself. However, Nikki returned shortly after, unable to deny her calling.[1]

After Spike killed Nikki in 1977,[2] Crowley resigned from the Council and raised her four-year-old son Robin,[3] relocating to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. He trained Robin to slay vampires and demons.[4] Crowley was apparently a renowned Watcher, as Rupert Giles was familiar with him.[3]





Preceded by:
unknown, eventually unidentified
The Slayer's Watcher
Succeeded by:
unknown, eventually Merrick